The Best Concealed Carry Vests for Men & Women

The Best Concealed Carry Vests for Men & Women

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Dec 25th 2023

Are you considering getting a concealed carry permit? If so, it's essential to have the right gear, including a concealed carry vest. The best concealed carry vests provide suitable weapon concealment without compromising comfort or style. Great options are available whether you're a man or a woman and whether you want a vest for everyday wear or tactical purposes. We have researched the top concealed carry vests in the market to bring you the best for 2024.

Our recommendations range from lightweight and breathable options to rugged and durable vests that suit different budgets and needs. Keep reading to find the best match for you and get outfitted for safe and practical concealed carry. The vests we recommend will prepare you for any situation while keeping your firearm securely and covertly at hand.

Best Concealed Carry Vests for Men

A concealed carry vest for men is a great way to carry your firearms without drawing unwanted attention. A concealed carry vest allows you to comfortably transport a pistol, magazine pouches, and other accessories while blending in with your everyday attire.

Jafrum Men's Black Denim Jean Vest

This motorcycle conceal carry vest offers several handy features. Five brass-coloured snaps up front add security and a stylish touch. A fixed mesh lining keeps you cool and comfortable while riding. The vest is made from quality, heavy-duty denim that provides both durability and classic style.

Snap adjusters allow you to customize the fit for maximum comfort. You'll enjoy multiple pockets, including two inside pockets for concealed carry, inside zipper pockets, and outside pockets like two snap chest pockets and two hand warmer pockets to store your essentials.

The plain back panel can be personalized however you like. Upgrade your riding gear with this well-crafted denim vest to give you function and fashion. The features work together to provide security, storage, and style for motorcycle rides.

Textile Motorcycle 10 Pocket Vest with Dual Conceal Carry Pockets

This motorcycle conceal carry vest is constructed for comfort, style and security while riding. Made with 100% man-made materials, the vest has exceptional abrasion resistance and durability, ensuring long-lasting wear. The tightly woven textile is aesthetically pleasing and breathable, keeping you comfortable during long rides.

The antiqued snap closure adds a touch of classic charm, while dual exterior watch pockets and a peaked hem contribute to a Southern gentleman style. The double metal zippered pockets provide security and convenience, allowing you to store essentials while riding.

The adjustable lace-up rib area provides a personalized fit and adds visual interest and the silky interior liner enhances comfort. Numerous interior pockets of varying sizes offer storage for small and oversized items.

Best Concealed Carry Vests for Women

Whether you're looking for a vest to carry your firearm while remaining fashionable and comfortable discreetly or need more storage for additional gear and accessories, there are a variety of options available specifically designed for women.

When choosing the right concealed carry vest, consider features like the number and size of pockets, holster compatibility, and breathability of the material.

Five Snap Leather Vest with Conceal Carry Pocket

This motorcycle conceal carry vest for women has a stylish V-neck design for an elegant look. The five-snap front closure makes it secure and convenient to open quickly when needed. There are two pockets on the outside to warm your hands. An inside concealed carry pocket provides added security. The polyester lining makes it comfortable to wear during a ride. Sleek silver hardware gives it durability and style.

Denim V Neck with Snap Opening & Side Laces Motorcycle Vest

This motorcycle conceal carry vest for women has features that make it practical and comfortable for everyday wear. The denim material makes it durable enough to withstand the elements while riding a motorcycle. Denim is also a classic, timeless style that goes with many outfits.

The vest is fully lined on the inside for comfort and durability. The lining helps the vest maintain its shape wash after wash. It has eight pockets of varying sizes for plenty of storage. The pockets hold essential items like your phone, wallet, keys and other small things you want while riding.

How to Choose the Right Concealed Carry Vest

When choosing a concealed carry vest, there are a few important factors to consider.

First, look for a sturdy and durable fabric that can withstand frequent use, such as canvas, denim, or ripstop nylon. These materials are tough yet breathable, ensuring your comfort throughout the day. Synthetic fabrics may be cheaper but will only last for a while.

Next, check if the vest has dedicated holster pockets or pouches for your firearm and magazines. Holster pockets let you draw your weapon quickly and keep it securely in place. Some vests offer Velcro closures or snap flaps for added retention. If the vest doesn't have holster pockets, look for one with plenty of pockets to organize your gear.

You'll also want to consider the cut and fit of the vest. An athletic or tactical cut vest will be loose and roomy, while a traditional vest may be more form-fitting. Consider how you'll use the vest to determine which cut is proper. Try it on and check how your weapon conceals.

Finally, look at extra features like ID or badge holders, pen pockets, or places for a radio or phone. These details can make a big difference in how functional the vest is for you. Some vests even have hydration bladder compartments or slots for ballistic panels.

Concealed Carry Vest Buying Guide

When shopping for a concealed carry vest, there are a few factors to consider.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort and fit are essential; you want a comfortable vest that still securely conceals your firearm. Look for a vest made of breathable, lightweight material like nylon or polyester mesh that will keep you cool under layers of clothing. The vest should have adjustable straps for a custom fit, and you should try on different sizes to find one that feels natural.

Draw Speed and Accessibility

Draw speed and accessibility are also important. Look for a vest with holsters that keep your firearm in the same spot every time so you can develop muscle memory. Velcro or snap closures are faster than zippers, and an elastic side panel or underarm holster position allows for a quick cross-body draw.


Durability and protection are crucial as well. Your vest should withstand daily wear and tear and protect your firearm. Look for reinforced stitching, heavy-duty Velcro and hardware, and leather or ballistic nylon holsters that shield better than basic fabric. An inner lining, like neoprene, can prevent printing, while impact-resistant panels protect from accidental discharge.


Additional storage is another factor to consider. Some vests offer extra pockets for magazines, knives, phones, or other gear. If storage matters, look for a vest with secured pockets in sensible positions that don't add bulk. Elastic side pockets and a zippered chest pocket are good options.


In conclusion, we have provided you with the best concealed carry vests for 2024. With styles for both men and women, you have plenty of great options to stay stylish while carrying concealed.

Whether you prefer an overt tactical look or a more discreet vest that blends into your everyday wardrobe, one of these vests should suit your needs and budget. You can now head out confidently, knowing you have a comfortable, high-quality vest to safely and covertly carry your firearm. The hardest part will be deciding which vest to get first! Stay safe out there, and happy shopping.