The Bike Locks That Acts Like A Skunk – Literally

The Bike Locks That Acts Like A Skunk – Literally

Posted by Mike Werner on Feb 22nd 2017

We hate this, with a passion! You lock up your precious motorcycle to come back to it and find that it has been stolen. No matter how strong the lock, thieves always find a quick way of disabling it.

But maybe now there is much better lock coming our way, the Skunklock!

As the name implies the lock acts like a skunk; tamper with the lock and it releases a very noxious gas, just like its namesake animal counterpart does. The gas is not lethal (too bad) but its effects are instantaneous; the criminal starts vomiting.


Have a look at the video below to see it in action:

Of course the criminal can wear a mask, but that would be pretty obvious, wouldn’t it? Although designed for bicycles, the designers claim that it’ll work on motorcycles and scooters.

They have been looking for seed money and have turned to the crowd sourcing site IndieGoGo. The funding has been fully funded at 262% so far, so a lot of people are interested.

You can currently turn to IndieGoGo and pledge money in order to get a hefty discount. All the cheap ones are gone already, but you can still buy one for US$119. Delivery is estimated around June this year.

So… do you think this would work for you?

Site: SkunkLock,IndieGoGo

Source: Autoevolution