Top 10 Motorcycle Magazines

Top 10 Motorcycle Magazines

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Aug 21st 2016

If you had your way, you would probably spend every waking minute either riding your bike or fine tuning it in your garage. Unfortunately, there are always going to be those times when riding or working on your bike are just not viable options. Bad weather, work-related obligations and family responsibilities all have a way of sapping your riding time.

For those times, we recommend doing the next best thing, which is to check out a few motorcycle magazines so you can learn about the latest accessories, new riding destinations and bike shows. These magazines can provide you with a virtual treasure trove of current, up-to-date information for just a few measly bucks. A bonus? Some of the tips you learn in these magazines could end up saving you money in improved performance. So the next time you have some motorcycle down time, check out the following top ten biker magazines:

1. Motorcyclist

Why does this magazine top the list? Because in this day and age when many publications have gone under, Motorcyclist, which is the world's oldest continually published motorcycle magazine, maintains a strong presence with bikers. And you have to be doing something right to maintain this type of longevity.

Motorcyclist covers pretty much everything you want to know about bikes, offering reviews on all types of motorcycles and covering breaking industry news, race reports and tech how-tos. This magazine is also home of the prestigious Motorcycle of the Year Awards. This magazine also offers its readers online options, including and two video shows, Motorcyclist's "On Two Wheels" and "MC Garage Tech Tips."

2. Cycle World

This is another general interest motorcycle magazine that covers all types of bikes. Cycle World has been around since 1962 and offers its readers reviews on new bikes and accessories, how-tos and updates on races. Cycle World currently enjoys the largest subscriber base of any motorcycle magazine in the world.

3. Hot Bike

If you believe that beautiful custom bikes and stunning girls go together like peanut butter and jelly, then Hot Bike is the magazine for you. In addition to providing its readers with plenty of tech tips and product reviews, Hot Bike also sprinkles some female eye candy in to complement the custom bikes that grace its pages.

4 Dirt Rider

Do you enjoy getting down and dirty on your bike? Then you need to check out Dirt Rider, which is the largest off-road magazine currently on the market. It appeals to both the off-road enthusiast as well as to championship motocross and supercross riders. Dirt bike lovers will find a plethora of tips and features, race results and bike reviews. If you would rather be zipping across some old trails in the wilderness than cruising the pavement, Dirt Rider is the publication for you.

5. Road Runner Motorcycle Touring and Travel

Do you plan your vacations around your motorcycle and where it can take you? Then Road Runner Motorcycle Touring & Travel is a must-read for you. This bimonthly mag will give you ideas for new travels -- both in the USA and internationally -- as well as tips on how to prepare for your journeys. Road Runner Motorcycle is the number one touring publication on the market, and it can literally broaden your riding horizons

6. Baggers Magazine

Lovers of V-twin motorcycles with bags will find a lot of excellent information in this publication created just for baggers. Although Baggers Magazine specializes in sharing touring adventures with its readers, it also offers tech how-tos and product reviews.

7. Easyriders Magazine

Easyriders bills itself as the "world's largest selling motorcycle magazine for men." Each month, it proudly offers its readership plenty of bodacious babes and bikes -- especially Harleys -- as well as tips on how to customize your motorcycle and reviews of new products. Easyriders, which was first published in 1971, is also one of the best resources for learning about the next big bike rally or run.

8. Roadracing World

This magazine is written by and dedicated to motorcycle road racers. Roadracing World proudly boasts that all of its editorial staff members have won races and or championships, so you can trust the info that they share with you about the bike racing world. This publication is also dedicated to rider safety through its Roadracing World Action Fund, which advocates for soft barriers at racetracks and proper rider preparation before competing.

9. Sport Rider Magazine

Do you love sport bikes? Then Sport Rider is the magazine for you. Sport Rider is dedicated to lovers of high-performance and racing bikes, including sporting street motorcycles. Sport Rider offers its readers bike tests, how-tos and race results. You won't find this kind of coverage dedicated to sport bikes anywhere else.

10. Rider Magazine

This publication, which caters to bikers who enjoy traveling and touring, has been in business since 1974. So if you're looking for new places to ride as well as the best bike to do it on, you should take a stroll through Rider Magazine's pages. Rider Magazine also offers reviews on new bike products, so you can learn about the latest gear to make your next ride or trip more comfortable.