Top Rated Men’s and Women's Motorcycle Helmets

Top Rated Men’s and Women's Motorcycle Helmets

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Mar 5th 2024

Hitting the open road on a motorcycle is an amazing experience that few things can match. The feeling of the wind blowing past you while you go through the twists and turns is exciting. It is also equally important to keep safety in mind while riding. Choosing the right motorcycle helmet isn't just about following rules, it's about taking care of yourself and making your ride even more enjoyable.

We’ve done the research for you so you can feel confident that you’re making an informed decision. Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned veteran, read on to discover the top-rated men's and women's motorcycle helmets available on Team Motorcycle that offer the ideal combination of comfort, features, and most importantly, protection. With the right lid, you can continue following your passion for riding in style and security.

Importance of Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

Selecting a proper motorcycle helmet is crucial for your safety while riding. The proper helmet can help prevent serious head injuries in the event of an accident. However, choosing an ill-fitting or low-quality helmet will not offer sufficient protection.

Comfort and Fit

A helmet that does not fit securely and comfortably will not protect you properly in a crash. An uncomfortable helmet can also distract you while riding, putting you in danger. Ensure the helmet sits evenly on your head and does not tilt back, to the side, or forward. The chin strap should fit snugly but still allow for a little give when talking or swallowing. The helmet should feel snug yet comfortable, without any pressure points.

Safety Ratings

Look for a helmet that meets strict safety standards and ratings, such as those set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or the Snell Memorial Foundation. Higher safety ratings, such as DOT’s FMVSS 218 or Snell’s M2020D/SG certification, indicate more robust testing and higher performance. These helmets go through rigorous impact testing to ensure they can withstand forces from multiple angles.

Additional Features

Consider a helmet with additional safety features like a visor to protect from wind, sun glare, and debris. Look for a model with emergency cheek pads for immobilizing the head in the event of a neck injury. Other useful features include pockets for speakers or a communication system, a breath guard or chin curtain, and a face shield.

Selecting the appropriate motorcycle helmet based on comfort, safety and additional features can help achieve maximum protection in the case of an accident. Do research on helmet brands and models, read reviews from other riders, and always try on a helmet before purchasing to guarantee the best fit, safety, and functionality for your needs. With the right helmet, you will have peace of mind while enjoying the open road.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmet For Men

Team Motorcycle offers top-rated motorcycle helmets for men that deliver the highest in style and safety. Engineered for comfort and protection, these helmets offer cutting-edge features and sleek designs to elevate your riding experience.

HJC RPHA 12 Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC RPHA 12 Solid Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet has premium features for maximum performance. The helmet carries a price tag of $479.99 and comes in six colors and four sizes. With its Premium Integrated Matrix EVO construction, optimized aerodynamics, and HJ-42 Curved Shield, it ensures reduced drag and noise while providing maximum air intake and defogging capabilities.

The 2-Way Pivot Ratchet System enhances sealing, while the fully removable interior with interchangeable cheek pads ensures a personalized fit. It meets DOT standards, making it a trustworthy choice for riders seeking both style and protection.

Gmax HH-65 Retribution Half-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Gmax HH-65 Retribution Half-Face Motorcycle Helmet with Peak Visor offers a combination of ease and practicality. DOT-approved, its COOLMAX interior provides dryness and comfort by wicking moisture away from the body, while the removable interior allows for easy cleaning.

Designed for maximum venting, the comfort liner, shell, and EPS reduce heat at the top of the head. This helmet comes with two retractable, UV400-resistant sun shields for changing light conditions and a removable neck curtain for added warmth. With dual-density EPS technology for a low-profile fit and intercom compatibility, it's a good choice for riders who want to remain connected on the go.

HJC V31 Solid Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC V31 Solid Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet mixes retro style with modern features for a comfortable and stylish ride for $199.99. Made from an advanced fiberglass composite shell in six attractive colors, it's lightweight and durable. Featuring a conveniently integrated sun shield with an anti-scratch coating and a removable 3-snap peak visor, it offers versatility for various riding conditions.

The helmet's interior includes a mix of leather and suede, which is not only stylish but also removable and washable for easy maintenance. It also includes speaker pockets for Bluetooth communication and adjusts eyeglasses with interior grooves. With its classic design and lightweight construction, secured by a double D-ring chinstrap, the V31 delivers both aesthetics and functionality.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmet For Women

For women seeking top-rated protection and style on the road, look no further. Our selection of motorcycle helmets combines safety, comfort, and chic design for a confident ride.

HJC V10 Tami Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC V10 Tami Full Face Motorcycle Helmet smoothly blends classic design with modern functionality, for a comfortable and safe ride. Crafted with a lightweight fiberglass shell, it comes in three sizes for a personalized fit and in three beautiful color combinations. Equipped with a Pinlock® HJ-41 shield, it enhances visibility in various conditions, while the interior features grooves to accommodate eyeglasses for added convenience.

Quick visor replacement with secure, tool-less HJC easy bolts and emergency tabs for safe cheek pad removal highlight its user-friendly design. Bluetooth® ready for smart connectivity and secured with a classic double D-ring chinstrap, it meets DOT standards, ensuring both class and safety on the road.

AFX FX-70 Half-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Incorporating a thermoplastic poly-alloy shell design, the AFX FX-70 Motorcycle Helmet blends comfort and durability, available at an amazing price of just $91.95. Featuring a removable snap-on visor and ear covers, it provides versatility for various riding conditions. Secured with a square-type D-ring and chin strap holder, it ensures a snug fit. With a clear coat finish to protect its paint and graphics, along with a hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial nylon liner, it prioritizes both style and hygiene. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, it offers riders peace of mind for their investment in safety and style.

Daytona Women's Cruiser Metal Flake Helmet

The Daytona Women's Cruiser Metal Flake Helmet combines safety and style in a sleek 3/4 shell design that meets and exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 standards. Incredibly, it's the smallest D.O.T. 3/4 shell helmet ever produced, providing a snug fit with its three different shell sizes.

Offering versatility, it comes with a removable, snap-on gloss black bubble visor and is available in various finishes including soft touch, dull black, hi-gloss black, white, gun metal grey metallic, and silver metallic, as well as custom colors and specialty items like graphics and metal flake. Comfort is ensured with moisture-wicking fabric, and the helmet features a nylon Y-Strap D-Ring retention system, nickel-plated rolled tubular steel rivets, and five snaps for tear-off shields, along with a goggle strap for added convenience.

Tips for Proper Helmet Fit and Maintenance

For maximum protection, it is important to select a helmet that fits properly and maintain it regularly.


When trying on helmets, check that they sit level on your head and do not tilt back. The helmet should feel snug but still comfortable. It should not move excessively from side to side or front to back. The cheek pads should touch your cheeks without pressing uncomfortably. For the best fit, measure your head circumference and check the helmet sizing chart. An improperly fitted helmet will not protect you fully in the event of an impact.


The chin strap should be securely fastened at all times under your chin to keep the helmet in place. The straps should be adjustable so you can customize the fit. Double-check that no more than two fingers can fit under the chinstrap when fastened.

Interior Padding

The interior padding will compress over time and with use, compromise the fit. Check the padding regularly and replace it as needed to maintain the best fit. Most helmet manufacturers sell replacement padding kits for their helmets.


Wipe down the exterior of the helmet with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. For stuck-on messes, you can use a mild detergent. Avoid using any harsh chemicals that can damage the helmet shell and components. Store your helmet in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight when not in use. This will help prevent fading and damage.

With the proper fit, care, and maintenance, a high-quality motorcycle helmet can last 3-5 years. Be sure to replace your helmet if it shows any signs of damage or if the fit and padding start to deteriorate. Your helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety gear for riding, so taking good care of it is well worth the effort.

What are the different types of helmets?

There are three main types of helmets: full-face helmets, open-face helmets, and half helmets. Full-face helmets offer the most protection, covering the entire head and face. Open-face helmets have no chin bar but cover the top and back of the head. Half helmets only cover the top of the head. For maximum safety, full-face helmets are recommended.

What safety certifications should I look for?

Look for helmets that meet safety standards like DOT, ECE, or Snell. DOT refers to the U.S. Department of Transportation standard, while ECE refers to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe standard. Snell is an independent nonprofit organization that sets high safety standards for helmets. Higher-end helmets may meet more than one of these certifications. These certifications help to make sure your helmet will properly protect you in the event of an accident.

How do I determine the correct size?

Helmet size is one of the most important factors for safety and comfort. Helmets come in a range of sizes, typically ranging from X-Small to XX-Large. To determine your size, measure the circumference of your head at its largest point, above the ears. Compare your measurement to the sizing chart for the particular helmet model you're interested in. The helmet should fit snugly but still be comfortable. It should not move around on your head. An improperly sized helmet will not protect you as well in a crash.


You've now seen our recommendations for the top-rated men's and women's motorcycle helmets at various prices. While cost certainly plays a role, don't sacrifice safety just to save money. Make sure any helmet you choose meets the minimum safety standards and requirements for your area. Beyond that, think about the style, features, and overall fit that will make your ride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. With the right helmet, you can hit the open road with confidence, knowing your head is protected while still looking stylish. Ride on!