What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Jackets?

What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Jackets?

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Sep 15th 2023

Nothing quite like the freedom you get when you start your motorcycle and hit the open road. It's a thrilling adventure that never gets old. But safety and comfort are essential, and that's where the incredible world of motorcycle jackets comes in.

Trust us: A good motorcycle jacket makes a huge difference; once you've experienced it, you won't travel without one. It becomes an essential companion, enhancing your safety and overall riding experience, making it a must-have for every journey.

Let's look at the main types of motorcycle jackets to find your perfect match.

Different Types of Motorcycle Jackets

Whether cruising down the highway or tackling dirty roads, the right motorcycle jacket is essential for comfort and safety. Here are the main types to consider:

Leather Motorcycle Jackets

The classic. Leather biker jackets provide the most protection and last the longest. Leather jackets come in different weights, from lightweight for summer to heavyweight for winter riding. Perforated leather has holes to improve breathability in hot weather.

Leather jackets provide durable protection and that iconic biker style. Top grain cowhide or buffalo leather is most common, ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty, and lasts a lifetime. For multi-season use, look for vents and removable liners. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of leather jackets available on Team Motorcycle:

Premium Cowhide Leather Racer Commuter Motorcycle Jacket

Vance Leathers USA takes pride in offering its community top-notch quality with its motorcycle jacket. This durable jacket is crafted from 100% cowhide leather and showcases intricate details and excellent craft. It's not just about functionality; it's about fashion, too, especially tailored for men.

This jacket has a quilted zip-out liner and ventilation options on the chest, back, and arms for comfort in various conditions. The zippered sleeves with snap enclosures make it easy to put on or take off, and you'll find ample storage with two front zip pockets and two internal snap pockets. To ensure a comfortable fit, you can zip down the sides, and for added style, there are two black horizontal chest-height piping details. Plus, it's equipped with YKK zippers for reliability. This motorcycle jacket from Vance Leathers USA combines quality, style, and practicality into one impressive package.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Removable CE Armor

Functionality meets convenience for Men's Premium Commuter Cafe Racer Motorcycle Jacket with multiple pockets, including two waist pockets, two front chest pockets, two interior accessory pockets, and a dedicated phone pocket, ensuring that no matter the lifestyle, essential documents and items can be easily carried.

Safety is also ensured with CE Level 1 Armor in the shoulders and elbows, accompanied by soft protective padding in the back for superior protection.

Lambskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Vance Leather 100% Lambskin Leather Jacket uses high-quality lambskin leather, resulting in a functional and stylish garment tailored exclusively for men. You can effortlessly transport essential things with multiple pockets, including two waist pockets, two front chest pockets, two interior accessory pockets, and a dedicated phone pocket.

Vance Leather's unique blend of affordability and quality truly sets them apart. The modern design of this men's jacket offers a relaxed and contemporary piece, perfect for passengers or road enthusiasts.

Classic Black Leather Motorcycle Biker Jacket

Embrace the spirit of Cruiser Rider with the impressive LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LIVE leather motorcycle jacket. It bleeds a classic look and feel, with an eye-catching embossed eagle on the back.

Additionally, it offers practical features such as a zip-out liner for warmth, supple and comfortable soft leather, side laces for an ideal fit, an adjustable belt, a discreet snap-down collar, and stylish zippered cuffs. With four handy pockets – two outside with zippers and two inside – it's perfect for keeping essentials close. The striking eagle embossment on the back adds a distinctive touch. And when the temperature rises, removing the thermal liner ensures comfort during the ride.

Size Guide for Leather Motorcycle Jacket:

When selecting the right motorcycle jacket size, measure your chest circumference at its widest point and your waist to ensure a snug yet comfortable fit. If you're taller or between sizes, it's a good idea to size up for a motorcycle jacket. This provides better comfort and freedom of movement while maintaining a secure fit for safety on your rides.

Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

For hot summer riding, mesh biker jackets are incredibly breathable and lightweight. They have abrasion-resistant mesh panels with impact pads for protection. Mesh jackets are affordable but won't block wind or rain, so you'll need layers.

These jackets are designed to address the unique challenges of riding in hot temperatures, offering riders a combination of breathability, ventilation, and safety features.

Men All Weather Season CE Armor Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket is a true masterpiece of precision. Its outer shell, made from durable 500 denier textile fabric and airflow mesh panels, ensures strength and excellent ventilation. The adaptable thermal liner lets riders stay cool and comfy in any weather.

Protection is granted with C.E.-rated protectors in the shoulders and elbows, and there's flexibility with a removable back protector pad and an optional C.E. protector pocket.

For convenience, the jacket provides two waist-level outer pockets, a concealed carry pocket, and an inner zippered pocket. Staying connected is easy with a dedicated audio device pocket. Adjusting for a perfect fit is effortless with zippered sleeve adjusters and hook-and-loop closures, while an adjustable waistband caters to all body types. Reflective details enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

Men's Red/Black Advanced 3-Season Mesh/Textile CE Armor Motorcycle Jacket

Men's Advanced 3-Season Motorcycle Jacket is all about durability and comfort, with its high-quality 600 denier textile fabric and airflow mesh panels for breathability. You can stay cozy in any weather thanks to the removable thermal liner. C.E.-certified protectors provide safety for shoulders and elbows, plus the choice to add extra back protection through a C.E. protector pocket. The jacket offers convenience with two waist-level outer pockets and a dedicated pocket on the thermal liner for your audio device or accessories. Achieving the perfect fit is easy with zippered sleeve adjusters and an adjustable hook and loop waistband. For added visibility and safety, there are reflective accents on the front and back of the jacket, and you can enjoy a comfortable fit with hook and loop adjustments on both arms. This jacket ensures both protection and comfort for riders.

Women's Black All Weather Season CE Armor Mesh Motorcycle Biker Riding Jacket

Women's Black All Weather Season motorcycle jackets offer superior comfort and protection. It features a mesh shell for excellent airflow, ensuring you stay cool during your rides. You can adapt to changing weather with the removable thermal liner. Security is provided with C.E.-rated protectors for your shoulders and elbows. You can customize your back protection with a removable pad and optional C.E. protector pocket. It provides sufficient storage with waist-level pockets and an interior chest pocket. There's also a hidden carry pocket and an inside zippered pocket for your valuables. Stay connected with a dedicated pocket for your audio devices. Achieve the perfect fit with sleeve adjusters and an adjustable waistband. Reflective piping enhances visibility, and dual button snap adjustments on the arms ensure a comfortable and stable fit.

Size Guide for Mesh Motorcycle Jacket:

To find the perfect motorcycle jacket size, measure your chest and waist for a snug yet comfortable fit. If you're taller or between sizes, consider sizing up for added comfort and safety on your rides.

Textile Motorcycle Jackets

Textile biker jackets are made of abrasion-resistant, breathable, and waterproof fabrics like nylon or polyester. They're more affordable and lower maintenance than leather but typically only last briefly. Mesh jackets are very breathable but provide little protection. Textile jackets may have armor inserts for impact protection. Some are weather-resistant or fully waterproof.

Textile motorcycle jackets are versatile and popular for riders, offering comfort, protection, and adaptability to various weather conditions. These jackets are designed to provide riders with a durable and functional riding experience, and they come with several key features.

Concealed Carry Black Reflective Skulls Textile Motorcycle Jacket

The Concealed Carry Black motorcycle jacket features black reflective piping across the chest, shoulders, and back and reflective stitching detail on the skulls for enhanced visibility. It has a Mandarin-style collar and a combination zipper and snap closure at each wrist for ease of use.

For storage, there are two horizontal zippered vents on each breast and two vertical zippered pockets at each hip. The jacket also includes zippered gussets on each hip at the side for a tailored fit, a zippered primary closure, and a zip-out removable quilted liner for adaptability to different weather conditions. Inside, you'll find a snap carry pocket, a cell phone pocket on the left side, and two vertical zippered pockets on the right for added storage. The shoulders are designed with extra material to expand for a comfortable riding position, ensuring a great riding experience.

Icon Ghost Puffer Jacket

The Ghost Puffer™ jacket offers a relaxed fit for urban riding, delivering comfort and safety. With low-profile D3O® Ghost impact protectors, it feels as comfortable off the motorcycle as it does while riding. The jacket combines a casual fit with excellent performance for urban riding, featuring reinforced sleeves to enhance the fully insulated chassis.

For warmer weather rides, zippered venting provides much-needed airflow. Safety is enhanced with reflective trims, completing the riding-specific design of the jacket, ensuring riders stay visible and protected on the road.

Dainese Men's Energyca Air Motorcycle Textile Jacket

The Energyca Air Textile motorcycle jacket provides comfort and protection for warm-weather riding. The stretch fabric offers freedom of movement while being tough against abrasions. The fit at the collar, waist, sleeves, and cuffs can be customized. The removable windproof lining allows temperature control, and the large air mesh panels provide ventilation.

Safety is ensured with removable shoulder and elbow protectors, aluminum plates on the shoulders to help sliding in case of impact, and options for back and chest protectors. The jacket has multiple pockets for storage, including two external and one internal pocket. The jacket meets the EN 17092 AA safety certification for motorcycles and has reflective inserts for visibility.

Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Waterproof Mens Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket motorcycle jacket's primary focus is ensuring your safety and comfort. Its durability is visible through the waterproof outer shell and C.E.-approved armor to safeguard your shoulders and elbows. If desired, you can also opt for additional spine protection. The jacket has a well-designed ventilation system to keep you cool, with customizable features for the perfect fit. It also offers sufficient storage options, including a spacious lower back pocket. Safety remains a top priority, which is evident with the presence of reflective panels thoughtfully placed for visibility.

Men Textile Motorcycle Jacket Motorbike Biker Riding Jacket Breathable with CE Armor

Introducing a versatile all-season motorcycle jacket built for year-round comfort and protection. Its strong and durable construction ensures lasting performance, keeping you comfortable in changing weather with its temperature-regulating design. CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders offers reliable impact protection, and you can customize your protection level with removable armor. Ride confidently, prioritizing safety on every journey, and enjoy the flexibility to adapt the jacket to your specific riding needs. It combines comfort, style, and security, providing superior protection that surpasses industry standards.

Size Guide for Mesh Motorcycle Jacket:

To find the perfect motorcycle jacket size, measure your chest and waist for a snug yet comfortable fit. If you're taller or between sizes, consider sizing up for added comfort and safety on your rides.

Denim Motorcycle Jackets

Lastly, denim motorcycle jackets are popular among riders due to their unique style, durability, and functionality blend. These jackets are designed to protect while riding but offer a versatile and fashionable look worn on and off the bike.

The primary material used in denim biker jackets is denim fabric. Denim is renowned for its strength and durability, making it an excellent choice for motorcycle gear. It is usually woven from cotton, providing comfort and breathability, essential for riders.

Denim motorcycle jackets often feature the classic, timeless style associated with denim wear. This style appeals to many riders who want to blend fashion with functionality. Denim is naturally breathable, which helps riders stay comfortable on warm days. Some jackets incorporate ventilation features like zippered vents to enhance airflow.

Black Heavy Duty Denim Button Front Motorcycle Jacket

Crafted from sturdy black heavy-duty denim, this jacket promises long-lasting durability while adding a touch of road-ready style to your outfit. It features a secure 6-button front closure, ensuring a snug fit and easy wearability.

With two front chest button pockets, you have accessible storage for your essentials while on the go. Plus, there are two convenient side slash pockets for additional storage of easy-to-grab items. The jacket offers a tailored fit for your comfort, thanks to adjustable button cuffs, and adds a touch of sophistication to your biker look with its standard shirt-style collar. It's the perfect blend of style and functionality for your rides.

Size Guide for Textile Motorcycle Jackets

When determining your ideal motorcycle jacket size, take measurements of your chest and waist to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit. Opting for a larger size can enhance your comfort and safety during your rides if you are taller or in between sizes.

Now, you know the main motorcycle jacket types to consider for your next ride. Whether you opt for a rugged leather jacket, a lightweight textile jacket, or something in between, the most important thing is choosing a motorcycle jacket that will keep you comfortable and protected.

So start shopping, find one that fits you well in size and personality, and then get ready to put the pedal to the metal, knowing you've got the right gear for the journey ahead! Ride on!