What Are They Doing In France Against Motorcycles? Are They Crazy?

What Are They Doing In France Against Motorcycles? Are They Crazy?

Posted by Mike Werner on Feb 19th 2016

Sometimes, maybe more often than that, politicians have kneejerk reactions and put in place laws that have little impact apart from hindering large groups of people (read voters). This is something that can be seen in France.

France is traditionally a country where motorcycles are well respected and have a high degree of freedom. But two women are changing that; the Major of the city of Paris and the Minister of Ecology.

Already the first had ruled that starting July 2016, motorcycles made before the year 2000 will be forbidden from coming into the city. So if you have a well maintained bike from before the year 2000, you’ll not be able to go to Paris with it.

Then last month, the Minister of Ecology (and former mistress of the current President of France – yeah I know, it’s complicated) added a lot more fuel to the already blazing fire: she secretly changed a few laws and now the new rule extends to the top 25 cities in France AND it’s not all motorcycles made before the year 2006! That’s some 700,000 motorcycles and scooters (out of 2 million) who will find themselves not being able to commute to work as off July.

Luckily the new law has not taken effect yet. There are still a few hurdles involved. The “before the year 2000” law is active, but the “before the year 2006” is not – but it’s close.

The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), the most active lobby group, is up in arms. Apart from signing petitions and TV sound bites, they will do what comes naturally to them; massive protest rides that block entire cities. So stayed tuned.

But isn’t it crazy? How can politicians suddenly tell a whole group of people to dump their investment? They truly have no sense at all.

Do you think it’ll happen here?

Source: FFMC