Best Women's Motorcycle Jackets for Safety, Style and Warmth

Best Women's Motorcycle Jackets for Safety, Style and Warmth

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Jan 26th 2024

Taking your motorcycle out on the open road should make you feel confident that you're wearing the proper protective gear. Finding motorcycle jackets with the perfect balance of safety, style, and warmth can be challenging for a female rider.

This article will share our picks for the top women's motorcycle jackets that combine armored protection, fashionable looks, and cozy insulation. With so many options on the market, we researched for you and narrowed it down to the best women's motorcycle jackets for safety, style and warmth available on Team Motorcycle.

Trust us, your search for the ideal riding jacket ends here. We considered critical factors like CE-rated armor, abrasion resistance, ventilation, fit for female body types, and stylish esthetics. Gear up confidently after reading this roundup of the most functional yet fashionable motorcycle jackets designed with the female rider in mind.

Top Women's Motorcycle Jackets for Safety

For maximum protection, look for jackets constructed of abrasion-resistant materials like Cordura nylon or Kevlar that feature CE-rated armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back. The higher the CE rating, the better.

Alpinestars Stella T-Kira V2 Air Jacket

The Alpinestars Stella T-Kira V2 Air Jacket is tailored for women motorcyclists, crafted from strong 600 Denier polyester to provide excellent abrasion resistance in case of a fall. The jacket's hook and loop system on the waist and cuffs allows you to customize the fit for a secure and comfortable ride.

Its soft-lined collar ensures comfort during wear. The jacket offers extra coverage with an extended back, protecting your lower back from wind and debris. Practical features include two front zippered pockets, an inner waterproof pocket, and additional storage in the liner. Reflective details enhance visibility at night, prioritizing safety on the road.

With its durability, adjustable fit, and safety-focused design, the Alpinestars Stella T-Kira V2 Air Jacket is ideal for women seeking both style and protection on their motorcycle journeys.

Vance Women's Black Classic Leather Lady Biker Motorcycle Jacket

The Vance Women's Black Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket is crafted from high-quality buffalo leather, providing style and durability. It features lace-up sides for a snug and feminine fit, providing comfort and a trendy look. The silver hardware and YKK zippers enhance the jacket's overall quality.

It offers convenient storage with multiple zippered pockets, including angled and coin pockets. The removable thermal liner and adjustable features like zippered cuffs and snap-down collar provide adaptability to various weather conditions. The jacket's offset zipper and stylish details, such as snap-closed leather straps on the shoulders, add a fashionable touch. Beyond its trendy appearance, this jacket is designed with safety in mind, providing a secure fit and protective features for women riders, making it the ideal choice for style and safety on the road.

Look for jackets with high-quality, CE-rated armor, abrasion-resistant materials, and weatherproof and thermal liners for year-round riding optionally. Your safety depends on the right gear, so choose wisely!

Stylish & Fashionable Women's Motorcycle Jackets

Several brands offer fashionable motorcycle jackets with protective features for female riders seeking safety and style.

High Mileage "Roxy" Women's Fringe and Rivet Detail Motorcycle Jacket

The High Mileage "Roxy" Women's Jacket is stylish and practical. It features a beautiful fringe on each sleeve and cool rivets on the back and pockets, making it a fashionable statement. The jacket is trendy and functional, with multiple zippered pockets, including side slash pockets for extra storage.

Easy to wear with zippers on each sleeve, it ensures comfort with added ventilation through zippered vents. The zip-out liner and mesh underneath provide versatility based on weather conditions. Adjustable zippers on the back and a concealed carry pocket add functionality. Made of premium leather, it's durable and timeless, while an attached wristband keeps you warm and secure while riding.

The "Roxy" Women's Fringe and Rivet Detail Jacket blend style with practicality, ideal for any woman riding in style.

Women's Black Pink Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

The Women's Black Pink All Weather Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket combines style and safety. Crafted with durable 500-denier textile fabric and airflow mesh panels, it offers optimal protection and breathability for a comfortable ride. Its versatility in any weather sets it apart, thanks to its removable thermal liner.

In addition to C.E.-rated shoulder and elbow protectors, additional back protection is available. The outer pockets and concealed carry options make storage easy. An adjustable waistband and zippered sleeve adjusters ensure a customized fit. Reflective accents enhance visibility, and accordion-stretch panels guarantee unrestricted movement, making it the perfect choice for riders who value both fashion and safety on the road. Ride in style and confidence with this all-weather marvel.

Formal yet fashionable, this women’s motorcycle jacket combines protective elements like impact-absorbing armor, abrasion-resistant fabrics, and reflective details with stylish, fitted designs and colors to keep female riders safe without sacrificing their sense of style.

You can have the best of both worlds for the fashionable yet safety-conscious motorcyclist.

The Warmest Women's Motorcycle Jackets

For winter riding, look for insulated jackets specifically designed for motorcycling. These provide an extra layer of warmth under the protective outer shell.

Vance Leather Ladies Premium Goatskin Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Vance Leather Ladies Premium Goatskin Classic Motorcycle Leather Jacket is your go-to choice for chilly rides. Designed with goatskin, it ensures warmth and comfort in cold weather. The classic motorcycle style, featuring a snap-down lapel, collar, and asymmetrical zipper, adds a sleek look and provides extra protection from the wind.

You have ample space for essentials with one vertical chest pocket and two zippered slash pockets. Inside, find two interior pockets for secure storage. Underarm gussets ensure freedom of movement, allowing you to handle your motorcycle comfortably. The insulated zip-out thermal liner is the star feature, offering extra warmth when needed. Stylish and functional, this jacket is your companion for cold-weather rides, ensuring comfort and style on every adventure.

Joe Rocket Classic 92 Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The Joe Rocket Classic 92 Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket is the epitome of warmth and style for your rides. Crafted from top-stitched 1.0 to 1.2mm drum-dyed cowhide, it ensures both durability and a soft touch. Designed for a relaxed feminine fit, this jacket doesn't compromise on style while keeping you cozy. It comes with pockets for optional armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back, providing additional protection.

The zip-in quilted full-sleeve liner is the hero feature, offering extra warmth when the wind bites. With a thoughtful design, including an adjustable neoprene-lined mandarin collar, adjustable waist and cuffs, and a 1.5" storm flap at the main zipper, this jacket keeps you snug and stylish. Whether hitting the road or making a statement, the Joe Rocket Classic 92 ensures you're warm and comfortable throughout your journey.

For the warmest and most protective jackets, look for those made explicitly for winter motorcycling with high-quality, name-brand components. Additional details like reflective trim, padded collars and storm flaps help seal the cold. With the right winter jacket, there’s no need to put away your bike when the temperatures drop.

Types of Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

There are three main types of motorcycle jackets designed specifically for women: leather, textile, and adventure.


Leather motorcycle jackets provide the most protection and durability. Top-grain cowhide or sheepskin leather is commonly used, offering abrasion resistance in the event of a crash. Leather jackets also provide insulation against wind and are water-resistant. Popular styles include the classic biker jacket and the racer jacket. Choose a jacket with impact protectors, reflective details, and a securely attached liner for added safety.


Textile jackets utilize high-tech, abrasion-resistant materials like Cordura, Kevlar and ballistic nylon. They are more affordable and breathable than leather but less durable. Many feature waterproof or water-resistant outer shells with thermal liners for adaptable weather protection. Textile jackets may also have CE-approved armor pads for the shoulders, elbows, and back. Popular textile jackets include the bomber jacket style and adventure touring models.


Adventure jackets are designed for dual-sport and adventure riding. They feature rugged, durable construction, waterproof, breathable materials, and ample storage for long-distance touring. Adventure jackets typically include armor, ventilation, and attachment points for additional protective gear. Popular brands for women include REV’IT!, Klim, and Olympia. For versatile, all-season riding, an adventure jacket is an excellent choice.

In summary, the type of women’s motorcycle jacket right for you depends on your specific needs, riding conditions, and safety priorities. When correctly fitted and equipped, these options can provide ample protection and comfort for women riders. Consider your priorities and choose a jacket that aligns with the demands of your riding.

Key Features to Know Before Buying Women's Motorcycle Jacket

When purchasing a motorcycle jacket for women, consider these essential elements:

  • Safety - Look for jackets with protective armor for your back, shoulders, and elbows. Impact-resistant padding helps prevent injury in the event of an accident. Reflective strips, especially if riding at night, also increase visibility to other motorists.
  • Weather Resistance - For riding in cold or rainy weather, choose a wind- and water-resistant jacket. Look for waterproof fabrics, sealed seams, and insulation like fleece or thermal lining. Vents or mesh panels improve breathability for warmer days.
  • Fit - Get a proper jacket for maximum comfort and protection. It should feel snug but still allow free movement of arms and torso. Consider adjustable straps to customize the fit. Proper sleeve length is also essential for the safe handling of the motorcycle.
  • Pockets - Convenient pockets provide storage for essential items. Look for interior pockets to keep valuables secure and exterior pockets for easy access to other gear.
  • Style - While safety and function are most important, style options abound for women's motorcycle jackets. Choose a style that fits your personality and preferred look, from classic biker jackets to sporty options. Consider complimentary riding pants or chaps for a complete ensemble.

With the variety of options available, you can find a jacket that balances style and safety. Do your research to determine what is most important for your needs and riding conditions. The right jacket will protect you so you can enjoy the open road.


Many excellent motorcycle jacket options for women combine safety, style, and warmth. The featured jackets are designed for women, offering a tailored fit, premium protection, and attractive looks. Consider your riding needs, local climate, and personal style preferences when purchasing your next motorcycle jacket. With the right jacket, you'll be comfortable and protected through all your motorcycling adventures in any weather. Research different brands and read reviews to find your perfect match. Investing in a quality women's motorcycle jacket is one of the wisest decisions to stay safe while enjoying the open road. Ride on!