Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Saddlebag Set with Chrome Saddlebag Support

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  • Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Saddlebag Set with Chrome Saddlebag Support

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Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Saddlebag Set with chrome saddlebag support.


Saddlemen Cruis’n Deluxe Saddlebags Set with chrome saddlebags support are the rugged bags you’ve been looking for. The zippered openings of these bags are covered by weather flaps to keep your valuables dry. And these bags can also be secured with mini padlocks to keep your valuables safe. These bags from Saddlemen are crafted from SaddleHyde, which is a synthetic leather, so they are easy to keep clean and to maintain. They also boast strong internal reinforcement, which means they will hold their shape even when empty. And to make accessing your belongings much easier.the lids of these bags have been designed to pivot forward. These bags are a throwover style that will fit most bikes, and they also come with a pair of Saddlemen chrome supports.


Dimensions: 20 1/4" x 12 3/4" x 9"


Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Saddlebag Set Features


  • Distinctively styled saddlebags look great on any style motorcycle with a layered lid and spacious zippered side pouches that flow together to create truly handsome luggage
  • Rugged SaddleHyde construction bags with strong internal reinforcement to hold their shape with lids that pivot forward when opening to provide excellent cargo access
  • Contents stay clean and dry with zippered openings covered by weather flaps fitted with 1/4-turn hasps that accept mini padlocks for security
  • Detachable and fully adjustable yoke system allows easy installation and combines perfectly with Saddlemen's saddlebag supports
  • You can add a Saddlemen quick-release kit with supports to change from a throw-over saddlebag set to a rigidly mounted set that can be removed from your bike in seconds
  • Includes installation instructions plus all yoke attachment and adjustment hardware
  • Throw-over style fits most motorcycles
  • Includes a pair of Saddlemen chrome saddlebag supports


Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Saddlebag Set Sizing


Saddlemen Cruis'n Deluxe Saddlebag Set Mounting Instructions


Your Saddlemen Crusin’ Deluxe saddlebags mount over the back seat or rear fender of most motorcycles, with one saddlebag 1 on each side of the motorcycle. The saddlebags must be mounted with the supplied, adjustable support set 2 so the bags can be firmly attached to the chassis of the motorcycle.
For your safety, and the protection of your motorcycle and saddlebags, you must install supports that will prevent the bags from interfering with the rear wheel or other chassis components. Before final drilling of the bags and mounting be sure to verify there is adequate clearance between the bags and the exhaust and other items on the chassis. Both saddlebags must be securely placed on the vehicle with the supplied supports in a way that prevents the bags from interfering with any part of the motorcycle's operation, including turn signals, tail or brake lights, the exhaust system, or the suspension, or drive train. You (or your professional motorcycle technician) will need to determine the best mounting configuration for your motorcycle.
Your saddlebags are supplied with a base variety of hardware 4 for mounting. If you need additional bolts, washers or spacers please seek out the assistance of your local motorcycle dealer for parts and technical support.
The saddlebag supports are hinged 5 at two points so they can adjust to various fender bolt locations (see the following pages for more information). While most support set are straight, your supplied supports may have an offset 6 (this offset angles the supports outward so they space the bags away from the motorcycle’s chassis components, wheels, brakes, and moving parts) be sure to orient the supports properly when mounting the bags.
Before removing or changing any hardware, hold the supports next to the motorcycle to help determine how they will be installed. Remove the original fender mounting bolts 7 from one side of the sub-frame to determine which hardware items from the support mounting parts you will need to use.
When installing a bolt through the fender, check to be sure that it does not extend inside the fender further than the original fastener. If it does, it must be cut off, or exchanged for a shorter bolt from the hardware store or a motorcycle shop.
During basic support mounting, do not cut the hardware to its final length if you will be mounting the saddlebags through support grommets.
The supports use two hinges to permit them to match the spacing of the motorcycle’s rear fender mounting bolt location on the sub-frame.
The slanted support shape 8 is a common support configuration, as is the square configuration 9.
For motorcycles that have the mounting bolts spaced close to one another, use a narrow configuration 10. For motorcycles which have the mounting bolts spaced farther apart, use a wider support configuration 11.
Install the supports 12 one at a time. Begin on one side of the motorcycle, affixing the arms of the first support, then move to the other side and install the other support.
NOTE: On some motorcycles the support may attach to a shock-mount or another fastener related to the suspension. During installation, support the motorcycle with a suitable stand or lift so it will not tip over or be damaged if the chassis is upset.
Reuse the stock washers, making sure to use the proper diameter and thread-pitch bolts so you do not damage the motorcycle.
Check and adjust the alignment, and tighten all of the bolts securely. Use a thread locking agent (such as Locktite™) on the support mounting hardware during assembly.
Grommets and other hardware is included with the supports so you can permanently mount the saddlebags to your motorcycle. The grommets 13 fit snugly on the top of the supports 14, providing a secure attachment that damps vibration. You will need to measure, mark, and then drill holes into your saddlebags 15 to insert the grommets 13 so you can permanently mount the bags to the supports.
Start with the supports loosely attached to the motorcycle per the BASIC SUPPORT MOUNTING instructions.
Hold a saddlebag in the desired position, against the supports on the motorcycle. Make sure that there is a minimum of 1-½ inches (60 mm) of clearance between the bag and the exhaust pipe and exhaust muffler. Check to see that the saddlebag is positioned in the best location front to back on the motorcycle. Mark the back of the saddlebag 24 with the location of the support's mounting bolts heads.
TIPS: Start with the right bag, or the bag that will be mounted on the same side as the exhaust. You can use a short piece of a 2 x 4 wooden stud on top of the exhaust muffler as a temporary spacer.
Remove the saddlebag support.
Place the support on the saddlebag so it aligns with the marks you made on the back of the bag. Make any fine adjustments to the location of the saddlebag support, and mark the exact location for the grommet holes 16.
Use a 1-inch hole saw to cut the grommet holes. Protect the interior of the bag with several layers of heavy cardboard, or a piece of wood as you drill the holes.
Install a grommet in each hole 17.
Place the support back onto the bag and press the posts on the top of the supports 18 into the grommets.
Place one of the support clips 19 over the center of the lower portion of the support, so that the two holes in the clip rest against the bag above the bar. Mark the position of the support clip holes on the bag.
Drill 3/16-inch diameter support clip holes in the marked positions. Protect the interior of the bag with several layers of heavy cardboard or a piece of wood as you drill the holes.
Use the #10 screws and nuts from the hardware kit to attach the support clip to the backup plate inside the bag. Place the nuts on the outside of the bag. Do not overtighten the hardware as this may cause damage to the saddlebag.
Reinstall the support, with the saddlebag loosely attached to the support on the motorcycle. From the inside of the saddlebag, insert a proper size mounting bolt with one of the large fender washers through each support post into the motorcycle's sub-frame. Hand start each bolt, then tighten them down securely.
NOTE: When installing a bolt through the saddlebag, supports and fender, check to be sure that it does not extend inside the fender further than the original fastener. Additional large washers are included so you can fine tune the depth the mounting bolts threads into the fender stay. However, if the mounting bolt is too long, it must be cut off or exchanged for a shorter bolt you obtain from a hardware store or motorcycle shop.
Repeat the same steps on the other saddlebag. You can copy the hole location from the first saddlebag by measurement, or by making a paper template to transfer the hole locations.
NOTE: Review and follow the NOTES and IMPORTANT comments in this instruction sheet, especially checking for support and saddlebag clearance as the motorcycle’s suspension moves through its entire stroke.
The saddlebags are supplied with a pair of padlocks that can be used to secure the twist-lock closures 20  on the outer flaps.
IMPORTANT: Failure to install this accessory properly may allow the saddlebags (or the supports you must install) to contact the wheel or other moving parts.
It is vital that you verify that the saddlebags (or the supports you must install) will not touch, or interfere with other components as the suspension moves through its entire stroke.
You must also check the clearance of all of the components with the bike under load, to ensure that the swingarm, drive belt or chain guard, brake components, and turn signals all clear the saddlebags (or the supports you must install) when bike is ridden.
Make sure that the saddlebags (or the supports you must install) do not touch the exhaust or other non-moving components, as well, as they may be damaged from contact with the accessory.
Check to be sure that all lights and safety reflectors are visible once the saddlebags are in place. If the saddlebags block the motorcycle’s reflectors, place reflectors on the exterior of the saddlebags (reflectors with self-adhesive backing are available from Saddlemen or your local motorcycle or automobile supply stores).
Occasionally, the configuration of this accessory with certain motorcycles, may require turn signal relocation and/or helmet lock removal.
Overloaded or overweight saddlebags can damage the supports you may have installed. After loading cargo in the saddlebags, visually check the clearance between the supports and any moving parts on the motorcycle’s chassis.
After 50 miles (80 kilometers), recheck the tightness of all of the saddlebag mounting hardware. Inspect the saddlebags, the supports, and any related hardware before each ride. Loose accessories can interfere with the motorcycle’s operation and cause an unsafe riding condition.
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