A Mysterious, Biker-less, Harley-Davidson Spotted

A Mysterious, Biker-less, Harley-Davidson Spotted

Posted by Mike Werner on Jun 16th 2017

Stranger things have happened, but this one beats them all. You would almost want to think that with Harley-Davidson trying new things (like the electric bike they announced recently), the following is Harley’s attempt to manufacture self-riding motorcycles.

If you are confused, stay with me….

Several cars and even motorcycles spotted this Harley riding on a busy motorway in France without a biker:

You can clearly see a Harley-Davidson without biker riding by itself. Its lane control has a lot to be desired, but it was riding by itself. So, what happened?

I think we can all guess what happened, right? Somehow the biker was ejected, and he was using a throttle lock. Well, it took the authorities and media quite some time to find out what happened.

Joris, the biker in question, explained that he was riding on the A4 motorway on Sunday 28 May 2017 minding his own business, when on his right a car joined the motorway. Instead of staying in the first lane, he suddenly swerved to the left most lane, the one Joris was riding in. Joris saw him coming and when the car hit his front wheel, he stiffened, pushing the bike forward.

With the impact, Joris fell to the asphalt (resulting in severe burns), but the bike continued riding. While he was sliding over the asphalt, he could see his bike continuing without him.

The car driver stopped, and brought the biker to the hospital, and along the way, they looked for the biker-less motorcycle, but in vein.
When the police arrived, they looked for the bike everywhere for an hour and half, but they could not find it.

2 days later, Joris was contacted by the police, stating they found the bike – IN PARIS! The bike had travelled for 9 kilometers (5.5 miles) before finally falling over. The low center of gravity would explain that it did not tip over immediately, but contrary to what you might think, there was no throttle lock! Possibly the throttle was squeezed in the impact but still the H-D went riding for miles at the correct speed.

So, there you go ... the first rider-less motorcycles.