Posted by Ben Baker on Aug 19th 2016

Henry Ford was famous for saying customers could get any color Model T as long as it was black. For 2016, Indian follows suite.

If Batman rode a standard showroom bike, he’d be on this. The 2016 Dark Horse, a Chief Classic, is black. A bit of chrome on the fenders and the pipes and that’s it. Even the motor and transmission are going dark.

This Chief lightens the load from previous models thanks to cast wheels and eliminating some parts. It does part of this by getting rid of the passenger seat. Hey, the Dark Knight rides alone. You can add the back seat if you really want to.

What is really nice is the price drop. The 2015 Chief base model is $18,999 MSRP. The 2016 is $16,999. Pocket that extra 2K or spend it on accessories and new leather.

Indian is rolling out the Dark Horse as a minimalist ride. Seems like the company is hoping to appeal to a younger riding set who want to stand out from the chrome crowd. That said, with 40 options already lined up, the Dark Horse probably won’t stay dark that long.

As far as the ride goes, it’s an Indian. Hear and feel the thunder. The light weight, sort of anyway, means it responds quickly. It’s a good ride. The single rear shock is going to let you feel the road.

The 1811cc engine should give you plenty of top end. Indian Motorcycles is not releasing much in the way of fuel economy, but it’s not going to deliver the same miles per gallon as a ride with a smaller engine. Expect the low to mid-40s.


  • 1811cc

  • 2 cylinder

  • Dual exhaust

  • Keyless start

  • Fuel injection

  • V-Twin

  • 26-inch seat height

  • 5.5 gallon tank

  • Wet weight 785 pounds

  • 6-speed

  • ABS standard

  • Dual 4-piston caliper front brake

  • Single 2-piston caliper rear brake

  • Optional 16-inch ape hangers

  • Front tire 130/90B16 73H

  • Rear tire 180/65B16 81H