First Motorcycle Uber Service Launched

First Motorcycle Uber Service Launched

Posted by Mike Werner on Feb 24th 2016

I guess it was only a question of time. The giant internet taxi hailing service, Uber, has started its very first motorcycle-taxi hailing service.

For a first, it’s not available in the USA or even in Europe where motorcycle-taxis are the norm, but in this case, their launch country is Thailand. And more specifically it capital, Bangkok.

And they have chosen their launch country very well. During commute hours, the average speed is 11 kph (6.8 mph), with an average daily commute taking 120 minutes. In other words, the Los Angels traffic grid locks would look like a race circuit compared to the streets of Bangkok.

The UberMoto service works just like the car service with extensive rider background checks and further screening processes. The motorcycle rider will have a helmet for the passenger, so no need to have one yourself. You “hail” the motorcycle-taxi just the same way you would a normal Uber car.

Obviously the motorcycle is equipped with a GPS, so you can track where your driver is at any moment.

The UberMoto is not the first motorcycle-taxi service in Asia, but with the weight of the American giant, it should become the preeminent one.

Source: Uber