New Bikes at Eicma for 2016

New Bikes at Eicma for 2016

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Nov 27th 2016

What’s New For 2016 As Presented At Eicma

It might not have escaped your attention, but world’s biggest and baddest motorcycle exhibition, Milan’s Eicma, is over and done with for yet another year. It’s at this massive motorcycle expo that most manufacturers present their new bikes for the following year.

And like every year, some new bikes were already leaked, but some were total surprises. Therefore every self-respecting motorcycle journalist heads on over to the Mecca of motorcycles, standing in line for the numerous press conferences and presentations, eating finger food and running to the press room to file articles. Here are some of the major new motorcycles coming to Europe and North America as presented at Eicma.


Ducati are always the first to present their new stuff. With their head office and factory located a few miles away, they always give a good show.


The Ducati power cruiser family, Diavel, gets a less faster but more powerful cruiser version: the XDiavel.

It stats are impressive: 156 hp (114.7 kW), 220 kgs (485 lbs) dry weight, 10 kgm at 2100 rpm of torque (max torque is 128,9 Nm at 5000 rpm). The bike also has a launch control, which is a good thing with such a low rev torque. The other interesting thing about this power cruiser is that you can change 60 parameters on the cruiser to suit your physical dimensions (saddle, handlebars, foot pegs, etc).

HyperMotard and HyperStrada

The HyperMotard and HyperStrada both see their engine size increase to 939 cc, both with 113 hp (83,1 kW) of power and respectively 181 (399 lbs) and 187 kg (412 lbs) of dry weight (there’s also the SP version of the HyperMotard with only 178 kg (392 lbs) of dry weight).

The interesting development is that these bikes are all Euro 4 compliant, meaning the lowest ever in CO2 emissions.


Ducati’s “little” super sports motorcycle gets a little less little… from 899 to 959 cc, so now it’s called the Panigale 959. 157 horses and 176 kg dry weight and 107.4 Nm of torque at 9000 rpm. That’s almost as fast as its bigger sister.

The bike is now also Euro-4 compliant.

Baby Scrambler

Ducati wildly popular Scrambler series now sees a baby scrambler, the Scrambler Sixty2 (Sixty2, or 62, is the year the first Ducati Scrambler ever appeared). A smaller, lighter scrambler targeted towards new riders and female ones.

41 hp (30,1 kW) at 8750 rpm and a torque of 34.3 Nm at 7750 rpm for 183 kgs wet and a low saddle (31,9 inch to 30,3 inch). The engine is a new 400 cc one and is Euro-4 compliant.

Flat-Track Scrambler

For the bigger version of the Scrambler, there is now the AMA Flat-Track Pro Scrambler like the one used by Troy Bayliss and Johnny Lewis. 75 hp for 192 kg wet weight, but the specs remain the same, it’s more a “look” change.

In all, the Ducati Scrambler family is extending and will continue to do so for the next few years, probably until it becomes its own brand.

Here is what the current family looks like:


The dual-sport, multi-functional Multistrada from Ducati sees a new long distance, “ride-any-kind-of-road” version, the Multistrada 1200 Enduro.

This is a bike conceived as a BMW GS killer (the King of dual-sports and long distance adventure bikes).

160 horses (117,7 kW) at 9500 rpm that can be changed at will and 254 kg fully fueled weight. Torque is 136 Nm at 7500 rpm. Many other changes have been introduced to make the bike better suited for trails and even off-road, like a bigger bash plate, special hand protectors and more suspension travel.

Seat height is normally 870 mm with a high option of 890 mm and a low one at 850 mm.

As the other new Ducati bikes, this one is Euro-4 compliant.



Yamaha released a big one during the show (2015 world champion MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo and vice-world champion Valentino Rossi were there to launch the new bike); the MT-10.

The MT-10 is a naked Yamaha R1 sportsbike with a very mean look. 180 bhp and 200 kg wet weight.

Yamaha has been very coy with the official figures. If you go to their web sites, you’ll see that most performance figures are marked N/A.


After barely having launched the XSR700 a few weeks ago, Yamaha now released the XSR900, based on the MT-09.

With its 115 horse for 195 kg wet weight, the three-cylinder bike even has a retro-look option.


GSX-R 1000

Suzuki’s flagship super sportsbike has been (totally) updated and made more competitive with other like-minded sportsbikes.

With new technology within the valves and other parts of the engine, the bike now has 205 horses and 82 ftlb of torque under the 4-cylinder hood, weighing in at only 200 kg. The red zone now lies at 14,000 rpm.

Most of the electronics have been updated, including the traction control, ABS, engine mapping, launch control and many more, making the GSX-R the king of the road.


Yes, you read it right…. The SV650 is back. A few years ago Suzuki launched the Gladius to replace the SV650, but that model never took. Now the SV is back.

76 hp (56 kW) at 8500 rpm for 197 kg of a fully loaded weight and 64 Nm of torque makes this an interesting bike for everyday riding. Many different colors have been introduced for this model, hoping they can get back the customers they lost.

Their biggest advantage over the competition is the V-Twin at 90°. It is also equipped with a Euro4 compliant exhaust.


Nine T

BMW’s recent Nine T model range (Nine T, pronounced “90” to commemorate their 90 years of existence) gets a Scrambler version.

Scramblers are “in” today, so BMW made a Scrambler version of the flat twin.

The BMW R Nine T Scrambler has 110 hp (81 kW) and 116 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm for 220 kg of wet weight, and although it’s not the latest boxer engine, it’s powerful (0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds). Seat height is 820 mm. The ABS can be disconnected when you go off-road.

G 310 R

A first for BMW, their lowest displacement engine, made with their TVS partnership in India, the new bike will be made in India. The G310R is a 310 cc single cylinder engine developing 34 horses (25 kW) and 28 Nm of torque at 7500 rpm for 159 kg wet. Seat height is 785 mm.

Destined for countries who are interested in lower displacement bikes (typically Asia and South America), Europeans and North Americans can also be interested in this motorcycle as a starter bike.



Honda’s CB 500 F and CBR 500 R get an update. The CB 500 F gets a 47,5 hp engine for a bike weighing 190kg wet, while the CBR 500 R has the same horsepower but for 193 kg wet.

Honda’s high-end scooter becomes more powerful and more robust using the NC750 engine.

The scoot apart from being compliant to the Euro 4 standards, now has 54,8 horses (40,3 kW) and 68 Nm of torque at 4750 rpm for 238 kg wet with a seat 790 mm above the ground.

City Adventure Concept

Honda also presented a new concept, the City Adventure Concept. It’s a scooter that is to be capable of riding off-road and even for long distances.

It is not known if this adventure scooter will ever be made, but it looks more like a cross-breeding between a motorcycle and a scooter.

Africa Twin

And of course, Honda showed off their recently released, and mythical, Honda Africa Twin. A motorcycle that competed in the famous Dakar rally is back!


1290 SuperDuke GT

Austrian KTM released a very fast going touring bike, the 1290 SuperDuke GT.

The SuperDuke is their primary “hooligan” bike, and now the GT version will allow you to travel long distances with its 173 horse power and 144 Nm of torque for 228 kg fully loaded weight.

The 23 liter tank will allow you to travel 350 km before needing to tank up.

Duke 690 R

This is now the 5th generation Duke, KTM’s first road bike. Slight improvements for the new generation are seen, with 75 hp for 155 kgs of weight. In other words, a fun bike.


Speed Triple 1050

Triumph’s sportsbike is totally updated with two version the 1050 S and 1050 R.

With “only” 140 hp for 215 kg wet, the Speed Triple looks for better torque than it’s direct competitors, especially between the 3000 and 7000 rpm range. So it’s smoother and easier to control. It’s not going to win a speed race, but in a city drag race, you’d better watch out.

Moto Guzzi

V9 Roamer and Bobber

Epic Italian Moto Guzzi are hammering away on the V7 series, now called V9, with the V9 Roamer and the V9 Bobber.

Both are neo-retro motorcycles, based on a powerful V-Twin with 850 cc, 60 horses and both will weigh 200 kg full.

55 hp and the torque is 45.7 lb.-ft. at a mere 3,000 rpm, which is a good range for city riding, but also for a nice ride in the country.

V7 II Stornello

The Guzzi V7 II Stornello is the brand’s scrambler version. And why not, everyone else does it. Its 48 horses will drive the 186 kg fully loaded bike.

Only 1000 units of this bike will be manufactured.

Most brands have come out with other models not presented here, but the list is very long, and most of the “new” models are minor updates to last year’s models.

One brand that has announced their new bikes before the Italian show was Zero with brand new electric motorcycles that had increased range and speed.

But as you can see, there are again many new motorcycles coming to the showroom next year. But not all bikes will make it to the North American shores. The lucky Europeans will get most of them.