Setting records on two wheels

Setting records on two wheels

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Jul 21st 2016

Seems like there is a record for everything, largest bubble gum bubble, longest political career, biggest tire. So what about records set on and with motorcycles? Here’s a look at a few on the books.


The newest entry into the record books was set by Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita riding a Victory bike. His achievement was riding five continents in less than 120 days. He rode a Victory Cross Country Tour. Some facts:

47,390 miles

119 days, 21 hours

Last stop, New Smyrna Beach FL

Start, Daytona

* Planes and boats took the ride across water

Read more here.


Guinness World Records is reviewing an application under the “Longest Distance Traveled by a New Motorcycle Licensee.” Deena Mastracci started June 1 in Santa Clarita, CA. She rode into the Arctic Circle (which mean a ride through Canada and into Alaska). She ended on the Atlantic Coast in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

She rolled up more than 11,236 miles and amassed 1,000 miles in one 24-hour stretch. Set some other records too. Read more here.

LONGEST RIDE (from wheel to wheel)

The current world record for the longest motorcycle is 86 feet. This one is not much more than scaffolding. Two people and it’s full. Coming in second place is a 72-footer that seats 25. Both records may be in jeopardy as some guys in Kentucky are planning a 101-foot bike.


When looking at speed records for motorcycles, you have to split the category. Record one is for production bikes. Straight of the line, something any rider can buy. Record two is for specialty custom bikes, often built strictly for setting records.

On record one, Kawasaki currently holds the record with a Ninja H2R ridden by Kenan Sofuoglu on a bridge in Turkey. He hit 248.5 miles an hour. Read more here.

For the second set of records, the current fastest time was set by Rocky Robinson on a Top Oil-Ack Attack Streamliner. He clocked 376.363 MHP on Sept. 25, 2010, at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Robinson and Chris Carr hold the top 5 slots, with Robinson holding three.

If you need some speed, check out this  top 10 list of fast rides.


This is another category that deserves to be broken into subsets.

The Telegraph in Great Britain pegs the Honda RC213V-S as the world’s most costly street-legal ride. Converting the Brit Pound to the American Dollar, this bike will set you back about $150K depending on the exchange rate. GizMag disagrees, listing the Ecosse Titanium Series as the most expensive ride at $275,000.

For a one-off custom ride, how about one with a gold frame? Guinness hasn’t ruled on whether this one is a record or not.

For bikes on the auction block, Captain America, the iconic ride from Easy Rider, sold for $1.35 million in October 2014.


How about a motorbike that fits in your hand? Sweden’s Tom Wiberg built one and actually rode it. The Smalltoe weighs 2.4 pounds. If you lay this one down, picking it up should not be a problem!