Special GPS For Scooters – TomTom Vio

Special GPS For Scooters – TomTom Vio

Posted by Mike Werner on Sep 15th 2016

The giant Dutch GPS manufacturer, TomTom, already had a GPS lineup for motorcycles. Handy, compact, rainproof and with features only bikers would want (like navigating to twisting roads), now TomTom has released a GPS meant for scooters (although I venture to say that many motorcycles could use this very nifty device).

The idea behind the TomTom Vio is very smart, almost a stroke of genius. The Vio is in fact the display of your smartphone’s GPS (iPhone or Android).

You download a (free) application (TomTom Vio – iPhone or Android), hook your Vio device to your scooter’s mirror stems and you are in business. Via your phone’s wireless connection (Bluetooth), if you have one of the many Bluetooth connected helmets, you can even receive step-by-step navigation instructions wirelessly in your helmet, or even, heaven forbid, receive phone calls (but please stop riding when you do).

The Vio unit is rainproof and can be used with gloves. You get a moving map on the display, showing you which street to turn into, but it will also flash a color warning when you are going too fast, and will even tell you when you are approaching a speed camera. Or it will warn you that you are heading into a traffic jam.

The Vio can be bought in many different color, allowing you to match the color of your ride, and you can even customize via the software what color display you want.

This TomTom Vio solution is very handy. You get to keep your phone in your pocket and the Vio mounted on the mirrors also means that when you check your navigation, you get to see what’s going on behind you since the mirror is very close.

The price is not bad too. Around US$170 for the Vio, while the smartphone app is free and you get a lifetime of traffic and speed cameras updates. The unit is not on sale yet in the USA, but expect it shortly.

Click here to read more about it on the TomTom UK site