Posted by Ben Baker on Aug 17th 2016

Bikers can be a clannish bunch. Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, etc. And then, there are those who ride the BMW or walk.

For 2016, Beemer has launched a Boxer-powder sport-touring bike that starts at $14,950 for the basic package. High dollar for a sporter, but this is a BMW. You pay for German engineering. BMW offers add-on packages that can take this ride to $17,770.

BMW practically invented the sport-touring bike so it should be no surprise the company believes in delivering more of the same. But, how does this one perform? Like a BMW.

There are times on good pavement where the ride is as close to floating as you can get.

But what is exciting is the weight, 519 pounds. This being BMW, the ride does not sacrifice strength for weight. It's solid.

This bike comes with riding modes programmable into the on-board computer. It comes standard with Rain and Road. Ride Modes Pro lets the rider program custom settings into it. Ride Modes Pro steps up the Automatic Stability Control to a Dynamic Traction Control. A lean-angle sensor reads how much you’re banking on that curve before the system steps in to help.

Add the Gear Shift Assist and this bike turns into a clutchless shifting ride going up or down. Some people will like this, especially when passing a car on the highway, but some still want to squeeze on the left and toe the transmission.

The Dynamic-ESA suspension is something a lot of riders have wanted for years. With a touch of a button, change the suspension to meet the road. Take a turn off the smooth asphalt to see miles of multi-generation potholes and the RS suspension changes to deal with that.


  • 1170cc

  • 2 cylinder

  • 4-stroke Flat Twin

  • 57 MPG

  • 4.7 gallon tank

  • Fuel injected

  • 6-speed

  • Dual front disc brake

  • Rear disc brake

  • ABS standard

  • Wet weight 519 pounds

  • 33.1, 32.3 31.1 or 29.9 seat height

  • Pegs for driver and passenger

  • Digital instruments

  • Front tire 120/70 ZR17

  • Rear tire 180/55 ZR17