The 2017 Victory lineup first look

The 2017 Victory lineup first look

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Aug 11th 2016

Victory motorcycles, one of the new kids on the block in the bike world, announced its 2017 lineup recently. Let's take a look at the offerings.

Victory offers 5 lines in the 2017 models, including electrics. The biggest selection is the Cruiser with 5 models. Prices range from an MSRP of $10,499 to $21,999

1200 CC

Victory starts bikes with the Octane. This is the lowest-cost bike in the lineup.It has three color schemes; two shades of gray, a black and gray with green striping on the tank. It has very little chrome.

The engine is "based on the Project 156 racer that competed at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Octane's 1200cc V-twin uses 4-valve heads, dual overhead cams and liquid cooling to make 104hp." In a test, it hit 60 MPH in 4 seconds. The company information, which has a few typos, says it has a "32-[degrees] of lean angle [delivering] agility previously unknown to American motorcycles." Here's a look at lean angle

The display is party digital and part dial. It comes standard with a tach.

The pipes come with a "performance intake" adapter which Victory promises delivers 11 more horsepower.


The cruiser lineup has five different models ranging in price from $12,999 to $15,599. All have a 106 CC Freedom V-Twin engine under the tank. All sit fairly low in the single-rider saddle. They are belt-drives.


Aluminum low-profile "21-inch Falchion" front wheel, aluminum rear wheel

Black only

Optional red leather saddle


Spoke wheels

Optional swept-look exhaust

Optional white vinyl seat

Black or "Matte Nuclear Sunset Orange"


Two-tone in gray & black or gray & olive drab green

Spoked16-inch wheels with fat tires

12-inch ape hangers

Luggage rack

Optional red leather saddle

V-shaped handlebars. Definitely a different look.

Straight pipes option


Red only

Aluminum low-profile "21-inch Falchion" front wheel, aluminum rear wheel with a fat tire.

V-shaped handlebars

Optional Ness Rad III Mirrors

Hammer S

Bobbed rear fender

Black with white stripes

Aluminum wheels

Optional "2-into-1 Stage 1 exhaust system" with a squared off shape on the tube and a triangle-shaped end.


Three models to choose from with locking hard saddle bags and a passenger seat. All have a 106 CC Freedom V-Twin engine. The faring is small compared to some other manufacturers. Comes with electronic cruise control and Bluetooth capabilities.

Cross Country

Four duo-tone colors

Optional speakers on the saddlebags for 100 more watts of tuneage.

Ape hangers available


21-inch front wheel. Victory says this is the largest ever on a bagger.

Six speakers and 100 watts of volume.

Three tri-tone color patterns

Magnum X-1

10 speakers and 200 watts of power

21-inch aluminum wheels

LED headlight, promising 74 percent brighter than halogen.


Two models in the touring bikes with a $900 difference between the two. Both have optional arm and adjustable arm rests for the passenger and an optional backrest for the driver. The windshield raises and lowers with a button. These two come with heated saddles and grips.


Cross Country Tour

Pipes on each side

Large dash

29 gallons of trunk space

An insert for the pipes makes the rear look like a multi-barrel gun.

Black or duo-tone blue

Cross Country Tour

41 gallons of storage

Optional "Tri-Oval Stage 1 Exhaust" for the pipes

Optional luggage rack for the back for more storage

Duo-tone gray-black or blue and tri-tone black and gray with red highlights


Victory has jumped on the no-gas bandwagon with the Empluse TT. This one runs to 100 MPH and charges in 3.9 hours. It's got regenerative braking, meaning when you brake, the bike starts charging the battery. It's not going to be enough returned power to make a huge difference, but it may be enough to keep you from pushing the last half mile.

The battery has a 5-year 100K mile warranty.

Guido Ebert, a spokesman for Victory, added, "the electric Victory Empulse TT has an LCD display that features speed, tach, odometer, gear position, energy consumption, battery status, estimated range and system status.

"Range varies as greatly as riding styles, the heavier you are on the throttle the more power you’ll be drawing. Regenerative braking in stop-and-go situations lessens the draw (regenerates the power) compared to an open throttle only high-speed journey on the interstate."

So, how far you can go on a full charge before charging depends partly on how you ride.

Victory was founded in 1997 and it's first production bikes hit the market in 1998. Victory is part of the Polaris company. For more information visit Victory Motorcycles.