Best Riding Gear Combination for Men in Winter

Best Riding Gear Combination for Men in Winter

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Nov 25th 2023

You feel the call of the open road, even as the temperatures start to drop. As much as you love riding your motorcycle, staying warm and comfortable during winter can be tricky. The right gear combination is essential to enjoying the ride when the weather isn't ideal. You need gear to keep the elements out, insulation to retain body heat, and breathability so you don't overheat. With the variety of options, finding the perfect winter motorcycle gear combination may seem overwhelming.

Don't worry, we've done the research to find recommendations for high-quality, stylish gear that will have you riding comfortably all season long. Discover our top picks from Team Motorcycle for the best motorcycle riding gear to keep you warm when the mercury falls.

Must-Have Motorcycle Riding Gear for Men in Winter

To comfortably ride in winter, you need to bundle up. Start with a warm base layer like thermal underwear to insulate you from the cold.

Add heated gear like gloves, jacket, pants, or socks. Battery-powered and designed for motorcycling, these will keep your extremities toasty.

For your core, a winter motorcycle jacket is a must. Look for one specifically for wind- and water-resistant riding, with armor pads for protection. Layer a hoodie underneath on extra cold days.

Waterproof winter motorcycle pants or chaps are also essential for shielding you from rain, snow, and wind. Insulated and lined pants will keep your legs warm while riding.

A winter motorcycle helmet, balaclava, neck warmer, and face mask are necessities. A helmet liner or balaclava worn under your helmet can make a difference in warmth and comfort.

With the proper winter motorcycle clothing and safety gear, you'll be equipped to ride no matter the temperature. Staying warm and dry is key so you can focus on the thrill of the ride. Bundle up and get out there!

Best Riding Gear Combination for Cold Weather

To comfortably ride in cold weather, you'll want to layer up with insulating and waterproof gear.

For your base layer, thermal underwear and a lightweight sweater keep you warm without overheating.


Add a heavier jacket, like an insulated riding jacket or a ski jacket. Look for one designed for wind-resistant motorcycle riding that allows whole-arm movement.

  • Heated jackets are also great for extra warmth. Battery-powered heating elements will keep your core toasty for hours.
  • Remember insulated gloves, thick socks, winter riding pants, and waterproof boots. Your hands, feet, and legs get cold fastest, so high-quality gear is important.

Outer shell

An insulated riding jacket should have a waterproof outer shell, but add a separate snowsuit or snow pants over your other layers for the most extreme conditions. Look for breathable, abrasion-resistant materials like nylon or Cordura. Complete the look with an insulated balaclava, neck warmer, and waterproof winter riding gloves.

Head and neck

Wear a helmet liner or balaclava under your helmet. A scarf, neck gaiter or neck warmer will protect your neck from wind chill.


Insulated gloves or mittens are a must. Heated gloves provide extra warmth.


Thermal pants or chaps over your regular pants will shield your legs. Heated pants are available, too.


Wool socks and insulated boots, especially ones designed for motorcycling, are important for keeping your feet warm and dry.

Dressing in breathable layers will keep you comfortable in cold weather riding. Be sure to adjust vents and layers as needed - you can permanently remove a layer, but you can’t add one you didn’t bring! Staying dry is also key to staying warm, so pack waterproof gear. With the right combination of gear for the conditions, you'll be riding comfortably even in winter.

With the right combination of base, mid, and outer layers, you can comfortably and safely enjoy the open road, no matter how low the mercury drops. The key is staying warm and dry while maintaining flexibility and visibility. Bundle up and get out there!

Core Gear for Winter Riding

When riding in frigid winter weather, having the right gear is crucial for your safety and comfort. Some essential items to have are:


An insulated riding jacket, preferably with a thermal liner, will keep you warm while protecting you from the elements. Look for a jacket made of abrasion-resistant materials like leather, textile, or mesh that offers padding for your shoulders, elbows, and back.

Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Introducing the MJ400, a top-notch Classic Leather jacket perfect for winter rides! This gem features lace-up side adjustments, a zip-out inner liner, an adjustable belt, and a bounty of 6 pockets, all secured by robust, heavy-duty zippers. Its unique fit and classic style cherished by riders over the years is further enhanced by the lace-up sides and adjustable belt, ensuring both style and comfort. The reviews rave about its superior quality; with closeout pricing, it's an absolute steal! Taking advantage of this winter is essential for riders.


Your hands are exposed while riding, so thick, insulated gloves are necessary for winter riding. Waterproof gloves with a thermal liner will keep your hands warm and dry. Don’t forget your glove inserts for extra insulation!

Waterproof Mens Textile Motorcycle Gloves

Meet the Sub-Zero gloves—your ultimate companions for chilly rides that will go perfectly with the Jafrum Leather Motorcycle Jacket! These gloves are designed to tackle cold weather head-on, keeping you cozy and performing at your best. Their wind and waterproof outer shell and the DryTech mid-liner create a fortress against extreme riding conditions. You'll love the slip-resistant palm, padded knuckles, and finger gussets that amp up flexibility. With these gloves, winter rides just got much more comfortable and secure!


In cold weather, most of your body’s heat escapes through your extremities. A pair of insulated riding boots, preferably waterproof, will keep your feet warm and prevent hypothermia while riding. Look for boots with slip-resistant soles for stability.

V3 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

The Tour Master Solution V3 Motorcycle Boots are crafted with a water-repellent Italian microfiber upper and a HiPora 3-layer waterproof, breathable membrane, they're designed to defy the elements. The outside ankle includes rubberized padding, while the TPU shifter guard adds that extra shield.

Equipped with an authentic YKK zippered main closure and heavy-duty hook and loop secondary closure, these boots ensure a snug fit. The TecnoGl thermoplastic molded heel cup and toe cap, paired with ankle protectors, offer top-notch safety. Don't miss the comfort: a non-slip sole with arch support and breathable mesh lining keeps you feeling great, plus, the insole is removable for added convenience.


A winter-ready motorcycle helmet with optimal insulation and wind-blocking features safeguards against chilling temperatures while ensuring clear visibility. Seek helmets with adjustable vents and a snug fit to seal warmth in and keep the cold out during your rides. The HJC i71 Fabio Quartararo FQ20 Motorcycle Helmet will complete the look when discussing the best winter riding gear for men.

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

With a tough polycarbonate composite shell and maximum vents at the top and mouth, it's built to keep you comfortable. The front spoiler blocks pesky winds and cuts down on noise, while the 3D curved HJ-38 shield offers a broad, crystal-clear view. Opening and locking the shield is a breeze with the secure push-and-release system. Enjoy the adjustable HJ-V12 sunscreen and a removable, washable interior that keeps things fresh. Plus, the cheek pads are designed with grooves for glasses, and the ratchet system ensures a snug fit with smooth movement. Ready for Bluetooth, this helmet brings both safety and convenience to your winter rides!


In wintry conditions, your lower body needs insulation against the cold. Opt for motorcycle chaps or pants with thermal lining or windproof materials to retain heat and shield against icy winds. Look for waterproof options to keep dry and ensure comfort throughout your ride in colder weather.

All Weather Waterproof Motorcycle Pants

Jafrum’s waterproof winter motorcycle chaps/pants are a game-changer! Crafted from a high-grade, water-resistant nylon blend with sealed waterproof lining, they're built to keep you dry in any downpour. The quilted thermal zip-out lining ensures cozy warmth, while the night vision reflective elements boost visibility.

Plus, they're all about safety: CE-certified removable knee armor, memory foam hip protectors, and reinforced ballistic patches offer top-notch protection. The stretchable panels at the knees and back guarantee flexibility, and the clever zippered cuff openings with stretch panels allow you to wear these pants over or under boots effortlessly. Gear up to make the best riding gear combination for men in winter with these recommendations.

Thermal layers

Base layers, including thermal undergarments, socks, shirts, and pants, provide insulation under your riding gear. Thermal garments made of wool or synthetic fabrics like polypropylene will keep you warm without adding bulk. Remember a balaclava to protect your head and neck!

With the proper gear, including a warm jacket and pants, insulated gloves and boots, and thermal underlayers, you'll be able to enjoy riding comfortably and safely all winter long. Staying dry and keeping the cold at bay is essential for winter riding.

Accessory Essentials

To comfortably ride in winter, you'll want to invest in key accessories.

Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes from the elements is essential for safe riding. Look for goggles or a face shield that is anti-fog and provides 100% UV protection. Some options offer interchangeable lenses for day and night riding.

Dark Smoke Biker Motorcycle Sunglasses

Get set for winter rides with these smart motorcycle eyewear essentials! They come with a dark smoke lens, perfect for those bright daylight hours, and offer top-notch UV400 protection. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, they're shatterproof for added safety. Also, the foam padding ensures ventilation and shields your eyes from the biting wind and pesky dust. Stay clear-eyed and protected on your cold-weather adventures.


A balaclava or neck gaiter protects your face, head, and neck from wind chill. Fleece-lined options add warmth without bulk. A balaclava under your helmet liner will keep you toasty on the coldest rides.

GMax Cotton Balaclava

Made with premium cotton, GMax balaclava is a snug and cozy layer to keep you warm during those frosty rides. Its soft fabric provides comfort while shielding you from the cold winds. Slip it on to finish your look, and feel the warmth envelop you as you conquer the chilly weather on your motorcycle.


Saddlebags allow you to carry extra gear like a change of clothes, blankets, tools, and other essentials. Waterproof saddlebags with thermal lining help ensure your gear stays dry in wet winter weather. Select saddlebags explicitly designed for motorcycles to ensure a proper fit.

Zip Off and Throw Over Plain Motorcycle Saddlebags

Meet your perfect riding companion: a medium-sized motorcycle saddlebag designed for all your winter adventures! Crafted from water-resistant PVC leather-like material, it's both durable and sleek. The chrome-plated brass buckles offer a touch of style and quick-release closure for easy access. Installation with a carrying handle is a breeze using the hook, loop, and zipper yolk attachment. Securely fasten it with tie-down straps for worry-free riding. Find a spacious main compartment and two mini polyester pockets for stashing valuables, including a concealed carry pocket for added security. Ride on with all your essentials neatly and securely stored at your side.

Equipping yourself properly for winter riding will allow you to enjoy the open road even when the temperatures drop comfortably. Focusing on keeping your extremities like hands, head, and eyes protected from the elements while bringing valuable extras in your saddlebags will set you up for miles of winter adventure.

Bottom Line

You owe it to yourself to invest in high-quality riding gear if you plan to ride during winter. Staying warm and dry will allow you to enjoy the open road even when the temperatures drop. The combination of thermal layers, jacket, gloves, pants, boots, balaclava, and helmet can keep the cold at bay for hours.

While the initial investment may seem steep, high-quality gear is built for years of adventures. And there’s nothing quite like the crisp winter air rushing by as you cruise down the highway without a shiver. So, suit up, hop on your bike, and chase away the winter blues by embracing the season on two wheels. The cold is calling - will you answer?