Holiday Motorcycle Gear Gift Guide 2023

Holiday Motorcycle Gear Gift Guide 2023

Posted by Team Motorcycle on Nov 14th 2023

The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means - it's time to start shopping for gifts! If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, we've got you covered. You can find some of the most incredible gifts any biker would be thrilled to receive on Team Motorcycle. From stylish new helmets to tools for maintaining their ride to accessories that show off their passion for life on two wheels, this gift guide has got you set with unique and thoughtful presents at every price point.

Team Motorcycle offers riders a versatile and stylish gear option with premium-quality products. From helmets to jackets, each item is designed for comfort and safety. With a 60-day return policy until December, riders can confidently make their purchases, knowing they have enough time to assess and return items if needed.

The only hard part will be choosing what to get - but don't worry, with options from under $100 up to $300, you will find something perfect for every budget. Start your engines and get ready to cross some names off your gift list! This holiday season is going to be one to remember.

Motorcycle Gear Under 100$

When it comes to riding, safety is critical. Treat yourself (or your favorite biker) to a high-quality helmet this season.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmets

For maximum protection, a full-face helmet is hard to beat.

GMax Youth OF-2Y Helmet

The GMax Youth OF-2Y Helmet is a reliable and safety-conscious choice for young riders, boasting DOT approval for peace of mind. Its COOLMAX interior is removable, adjustable, and washable, ensuring effortless cleaning and a customized fit for maximum comfort. The 3-snap visor adds versatility, and the 5-snap design accommodates various shields and visors, providing young riders with personalized style and protection options. With a focus on safety and convenience, this helmet is designed to cater to the specific needs of young motorcycle enthusiasts.

LS2 Bagger Half Helmet

The LS2 Bagger Half Helmet offers riders a blend of confidence and comfort with its High-Performance Fiberglass Composite (HPFC) half-shell construction. Perfect for all weather conditions, it features a zip-off neck skirt for warmth on cold mornings and fully adjustable forehead vents to keep riders cool on warmer days. The helmet includes pockets designed for MP3 speakers and wires for added convenience. The quick-release chin strap ensures easy on and off, enhancing the user experience. The helmet is Dot-approved and meets the required road protection standards for safety. With its thoughtful design and practical features, the LS2 Bagger Half Helmet provides riders with a reliable and versatile headgear option.

Top Rated Motorcycle Jackets

The perfect gift for any motorcycle enthusiast is a high-quality riding jacket. Look for jackets made of abrasion-resistant materials like leather, textile, or mesh that will hold up in a slide.

Advanced Vance 3-Season Mesh/Textile CE Armor Motorcycle Jacket

The Advanced Vance 3-Season Mesh/Textile CE Armor Motorcycle Jacket combines comfort and safety with its high-quality fabric, mesh panels, and removable thermal liner. C.E.-rated protectors for shoulders and elbows, optional back protection, and reflective accents enhance safety. Convenient storage is provided with outer pockets and a dedicated pocket for accessories. Achieving the perfect fit is effortless with zippered sleeve adjusters and an adjustable waistband, ensuring both comfort and security during rides.

Vance Black Classic Motorcycle Leather Biker Jacket

The Vance Black Classic Motorcycle Leather Biker Jacket, especially the VL516 model, is a top-notch choice for riders seeking quality and an optimal fit at an affordable price. This leather jacket boasts an adjustable belt, six pockets, robust, heavy-duty zippers, and a substantial weight for added durability. It offers exceptional value for money and stands out among the MJ series jackets from Team Motorcycle, making it a budget-friendly yet stylish option for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Vests

Turn up the thrill for motorcycle enthusiasts with Team Motorcycle's Top-Rated Motorcycle Vests — the ultimate gift combining style and protection for riders.

Men's Black Concealed Carry Ten Pocket Leather Vest

The Jafrum Men's Black Concealed Carry Leather Vest is a durable and versatile rider choice, crafted from high-quality split leather for longevity. Adjustable side laces ensure a customized fit, while breathable polyester lining enhances comfort. The vest features two vertical front zippered pockets and two smaller pockets, providing ample space for essentials, along with two concealed carry pockets and additional zippered pockets for secure storage. The stylish V-neck design with a convenient snap closure combines ease of use with timeless fashion.

Vance Mens Black Biker Leather Motorcycle Vest

The Vance Men's Black Biker Leather Motorcycle Vest is a rugged and stylish choice for riders. Crafted from high-quality leather, it ensures durability. The fixed polyester liner provides breathable comfort, and the V-neck design enhances the classic biker look. With a 4-snap front closure for convenience and security, the vest features two external pockets for easy access to essentials. It includes two internal concealed carry pockets for safe storage of valuables and a single horizontal seam on the back, offering ample space for personalizing with patches.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Chaps

Chaps, or sturdy protective leggings, help shield you from wind, rain, and road debris while riding. Leather chaps offer the best protection, with nylon and textile chaps as more affordable alternatives.

Vance Leather Unisex Classic Black Leather Biker Motorcycle Riding Chaps

The Vance Leather Unisex Classic Black Leather Biker Motorcycle Riding Chaps is a top-notch choice for riders, crafted from genuine, high-quality leather for durability and style. The adjustable front belt ensures a customized fit, while the front pocket offers convenient storage for small essentials. Inner thigh stretch panels provide comfortable and flexible movement, enhancing the riding experience. Zippers on the sides, covered with a wind flap, provide added protection against the wind, and the snap at the bottom ensures easy wear with shoes.

Jafrum Zip-Out Insulated Thermal Liner Pant Style Motorcycle Leather Chaps

The Jafrum Zip-Out Insulated Thermal Liner Pant Style Motorcycle Leather Chaps offer riders a combination of durability and style. Crafted from thick buffalo leather, these pant-style chaps feature zip-out insulation and mesh lining for comfort and breathability. The traditional belted front and lace-up adjustment panel ensure a customized fit, while "pant-style" pockets on the front add a classic jeans look. The quilted thermal lining with a removable stretch panel makes these chaps ideal for cooler weather riding, providing riders with a stylish and practical solution for varying riding conditions.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Boots

Tour Master Response 2.0 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

The Tour Master Response 2.0 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots blend style with functionality, featuring a water-repellant leather and PU upper for dryness, a HiPora waterproof membrane, and a preformed orthopedic footbed for comfort. The VR single-density compound sole ensures a reliable grip, and fastening is easy with polyester laces and a Velcro strap. Shock-absorbing features, including latex foam flex panels and a molded ankle guard, enhance safety and comfort. With TecnoGI thermoplastic elements and a leather shift pad, these boots offer a reliable choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Tour Master Women's Solution 2.0 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

The Tour Master Women's Solution 2.0 Waterproof Motorcycle Boots blend style and functionality seamlessly. With a water-repellent leather and PU upper, HiPora waterproof membrane, and VR single-density compound sole for reliable grip, these boots keep feet dry and comfortable. The auto-lock zipper with an adjustable Velcro flap ensures easy fastening. Leather stretch panels enhance comfort and durability, while safety features like molded nylon shin and ankle guard, shock-absorbing latex foam on flex panels, a leather shift pad, TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cup, and toe cap are integrated. The preformed orthopedic vibration-absorbing footbed adds an extra layer of comfort, making these boots a top choice for women motorcycle enthusiasts.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Gloves

Men's Black Winter Biker Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves

The Vance Men's Black Winter Biker Leather Motorcycle Riding Gloves are designed to provide optimal protection and comfort during cold weather rides. Crafted with high-quality leather, these gloves offer durability and a stylish look. The winter-specific design includes insulation to keep hands warm in chilly conditions. The gloves feature a secure and adjustable fit, ensuring a comfortable grip on the handlebars. Designed for versatility, these gloves are an essential accessory for riders seeking style and functionality during winter rides.

Men Black Lined Biker Leather Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

The Vance Men's Black Lined Biker Leather Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves are a perfect blend of style and functionality for riders. Crafted with high-quality leather, these gloves provide durability and a sleek appearance. The gauntlet design offers extended coverage for added protection and warmth. The lined interior ensures comfort during rides in various conditions. With a secure and adjustable fit, these gloves provide a comfortable grip on the handlebars. Whether cruising on the open road or tackling cooler weather, these gauntlet gloves are essential for riders seeking protection and style.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Bags

Black Lone Motorcycle Swing Arm Saddlebag with Pocket

The Black Lone Motorcycle Swing Arm Saddlebag with Pocket is a stylish and durable addition for riders. Its 9"L x 13.5"H x 3.5"W dimensions offer ample storage without compromising its sleek black finish. Constructed with heavy-duty material, it ensures durability for long rides. The retro-style pocket adds a touch of vintage charm for small accessories. The quick-release buckle allows easy access and comes with four straps for secure mounting on the motorcycle. Combining convenience and aesthetics, it's the perfect companion for city cruising or open-road adventures.

Motorcycle Windshield Bag

The Black Studded Motorcycle Windshield Bag for Indian, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson Motorcycles is designed for easy installation and secure attachment. Equipped with quick-release straps or pre-drilled holes, the bag can be easily aligned and placed on the motorcycle. For motorcycles with existing windshields, remove the existing bolts, put them through the bag's pre-existing or modified holes, and tighten them for a snug fit. This windshield bag provides a convenient and stylish storage solution for riders of various motorcycle brands.

Motorcycle Gear Under 200$

Find the perfect balance of quality and affordability in our Top Motorcycle Gear Under $200 selection.

Top Rated Motorcycle Helmets

AFX FX-17 Solid Motorcycle Helmet

The AFX FX-17 Solid Motorcycle Helmet offers durability with a lightweight, aerodynamic shell made of advanced poly-alloy plastic. Its hypoallergenic nylon liner and cheek pads are removable and washable for added comfort. The helmet features ear cavity space for speakers, a vented visor, and a molded eye port trim with a goggle grabber. It ensures optimal airflow with eleven ventilation points, including chin, side, rear, and forehead vents. The clear-coat finish protects paint and graphics, and the square D-ring style retention system provides a secure fit for riders.

AFX FX-50 Helmet

The AFX FX-50 Helmet is a lightweight and durable choice for riders. Its aerodynamic poly-alloy shell ensures strength without excess weight, complemented by a clear-coat finish for graphics protection. The removable hypoallergenic liner enhances comfort, and the helmet features ear cavities for speakers. The hard-coated face shield includes an inner flip-down smoke shield with UV and scratch resistance. The advanced ventilation system with multiple vents provides optimal airflow, and the cam buckle-style quick-release retention system ensures easy and secure fastening. DOT and ECE-22.05 certifications attest to its safety standards.

Top Rated Motorcycle Jackets

Mens Eagle Embossed Live To Ride - Ride To Live Classic Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The Men's Eagle Embossed Live-To-Ride-To-Live Classic Black Leather Motorcycle Jacket is a stylish and practical rider choice. Crafted from soft leather, it features a zip-out liner with insulation material for versatile comfort in various weather conditions. The side laces and adjustable belts allow a customized fit, while the hidden snap-down collar adds a sleek touch. With zippered cuffs and two outside zippered pockets, the jacket combines functionality with a classic design. Additionally, it offers two inside pockets for convenient storage during rides.

Cowhide Cafe Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Zipper Vents

The Men's Premium Cowhide Cafe Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Zipper Vents is a versatile, stylish rider choice. Its quilted zip-out liner and strategically placed vents offer comfort in various weather conditions. The jacket features zippered sleeves with snap enclosures for functionality and a classic look, along with two front zip pockets and two internal snap pockets for convenient storage. The zip-down sides allow for a tighter fit, enhancing the jacket's versatility. With two black horizontal chest-height piping details and YKK zippers, it combines design and durability for a sleek riding experience.

Top Rated Motorcycle Vests

A high-quality, protective riding vest is a gift any motorcyclist would appreciate. And with all the options available, you will indeed find one in their style.

Leather SOA Style Club Vest With Quick Access Conceal Carry Pocket

The High Mileage Men's Black SOA Style Club Vest offers unmatched comfort and durability with ultra-soft premium top-grain leather. The quick-access conceal carry pocket, five-snap and zip front closure, and multiple inner and outer pockets provide secure storage and organization. The soft black nylon liner adds comfort, and the one-panel back allows for personalized style through patches or embroidery.

Black Paisley Design Liner Premium Cowhide Leather SOA Style Club Vest

The High Mileage Men's Black Paisley Design Liner SOA Style Club Vest seamlessly blends style with practicality. Crafted from ultra-soft, durable, premium top-grain leather, it ensures comfort and longevity. The secure concealed carry pocket, located outside the zipper with inside snaps, offers quick access to safety equipment. The versatile five-snap and zip-front closure provides a snug fit, accompanied by multiple pockets inside and out for ample storage. This vest is a modern and functional rider choice with a stylish paisley-patterned liner, four outer pockets, two inner pockets, and a one-panel back for personalization.

Top Rated Motorcycle Chaps

Every biker knows the importance of protective gear. Jackets, vests, and chaps are must-haves when riding in colder weather.

Jafrum Premium Cowhide Deep Pocket Motorcycle Leather Chaps

The Jafrum Premium Cowhide Deep Pocket Motorcycle Leather Chaps are a perfect blend of durability and style, crafted from premium cowhide leather. The unfinished hem adds a rugged and edgy touch, while silver hardware provides a sleek and polished finish. These chaps feature two deep pockets for convenient storage on the road and back laces for adjustability, ensuring a customizable fit. Lined with fixed mesh, they offer added comfort and breathability for an enjoyable riding experience.

Vance Leather Unisex All Season Black Pant Style Premium Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Chaps

The Vance Leather Unisex All Season Black Pant Style Premium Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Chaps offer exceptional durability with premium-quality cowhide leather. Featuring adjustable front and lace-back details for a personalized fit, these chaps come equipped with convenient side and zipper thigh pockets. Inner thigh stretch panels enhance flexibility and comfort, and the covered side zippers provide added protection. Snaps at the bottom ensure easy wear with shoes, and YKK metal zippers guarantee smooth and reliable operation, making them a practical and reliable choice for riders.

Top Rated Motorcycle Boots

Highway 21 Primary Engineer Mens Motorcycle Riding Boots

The Highway 21 Primary Engineer Men's Motorcycle Riding Boots boast 100% top-quality full-grain leather, ensuring durability and style. With Goodyear welt construction, they can be re-soled for extended use. The HiPora waterproof lining throughout protects in various conditions. Featuring an oil-resistant, anti-slip rubber sole, these boots offer stability on the road. The pull loop facilitates easy-on wearability, while the full-length cushioned sock lining and removable insole ensure comfort. The water-resistant oiled leather adds an extra layer of resilience. Backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, these boots are a reliable rider choice.

Icon Stormhawk Boots

The Icon Stormhawk Boots are a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts, offering a stylish and water-resistant leather upper with an eVent waterproof/breathable liner. The highly-lugged outsole, constructed from oil-resistant rubber, ensures optimal road performance. The BOA lacing system facilitates easy on and off, providing a customized fit. Internally, dual D3O inserts enhance ankle coverage for increased safety. With a reinforced rubber toe cap, reflective accents, and a shifter interface, these boots deliver a perfect blend of durability and visibility, catering to riders seeking style, comfort, and safety.

Top Rated Motorcycle Gloves

Rocket Burner Heated Mens Textile Motorcycle Gloves

The Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Heated Men's Textile Motorcycle Gloves offer a stainless core heating system with a 3-stage heat setting for up to 4 hours of warmth. Featuring conductive fingertips for touchscreen access, these gloves are equipped with a waterproof, breathable, windproof HiPora liner and a heavy-duty nylon outer construction for durability. The synthetic suede palm, silicone print, and Full-Flex™ wrist enhance grip and reduce fatigue. An adjustable cuff closure, reflective logos for visibility, and 2 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with a multiple-port charging system make these gloves a comfortable and functional choice for riders.

Joe Rocket Wind Chill Mens Leather Motorcycle Gloves

The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Men's Leather Motorcycle Gloves offer optimal protection and comfort. Crafted from supple drum-dyed cowhide, they feature a waterproof Dry Tech midliner for weather resistance, high-density knuckle armor, and leather reinforcements for durability. With a vibration-dissipating gel palm and secure closures, these gloves provide flexibility, ease of movement, and a snug fit for riders on any journey.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Bags

Rock Design Top Grain High-Quality Leather Sissy Bar Bag Set

The Vance Rival Series 3pc Rock Design Top Grain High-Quality Leather Sissy Bar Bag Set is a versatile and stylish choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. Crafted from top-grain leather, this set includes a tool bag (11" x 4-1/2" x 3-7/8"), a barrel bag (14" x 5-7/8" x 5-7/8"), and a sissy bar bag (14" x 18" x 7-1/4"). The set comes complete with five Live To Ride embroidered cloth patches, already sewn in place, adding a personalized touch to the bags.

Large Heavy Duty Deluxe Motorcycle Luggage Travel Sissy Bar Bag

The Vance Black Plain and Studded Sissy Bar Bag is a durable and practical choice for riders, featuring large full-size openings for easy access to cargo. Its main side doors include inside and outside mesh pockets, while the adjustable shelf in the spacious interior accommodates various items. The fully adjustable mounting rig attaches quickly to any sissy bar, and additional "D" ring straps allow for external item attachment. With hard-lined construction maintaining the bag's shape, a top roll bag adds extra cargo capacity, complemented by a top carrying handle, detachable backpack straps, and a shoulder strap for easy toting. Constructed of heavy thread poly-nylon with leather-look panels, UV protection, and water resistance, this bag is designed to last, measuring 22" H x 16" W x 11" D.

Motorcycle Gear Under 300$

Whatever you choose, any motorcyclist would be thrilled to receive a gift that enhances their passion for riding. Just include a thoughtful card expressing your support for their adventurous spirit. Two wheels or four, it’s the journey that counts.

Top Rated Motorcycle Helmets

LS2 X-Force Solid Full Face MX Motorcycle Helmet

The LS2 X-Force Solid Full Face MX Motorcycle Helmet is a high-performance choice that prioritizes safety and comfort. Meeting or exceeding DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 22.06 standards, it's crafted from a High-Performance Fiberglass Composite (HPFC) in three shell sizes for a precise fit. Weighing only 1375g, +/-50g, it offers lightweight protection in XS-3XL. The removable, washable liner wicks moisture, while the laser-cut cheek pads provide all-day comfort. Features include an AREM system, crumple zone channels in EPS, emergency release cheek pads, and a retractable safety release peak. The extra-wide eye port accommodates modern goggles, and the ventilation system ensures cooling and added safety, making it a reliable choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

GMax MD-01S Snow Modular Helmet

The GMax MD-01S Snow Modular Helmet, which is ECE and DOT-approved, ensures rider safety and comfort. It provides clear visibility with a Hi-Vis Amber sun shade, an anti-fog coating, and a large eye port. The SpaSoft DuPont Coolmax interior keeps riders dry and comfortable, while the integrated LED rear light enhances visibility. The glove-friendly chin bar, anti-scratch face shield, and built-in speaker pockets make it practical for riders, with additional features like UV400 protection and a breath guard for a comprehensive experience.

Top Rated Motorcycle Jackets

Every biker needs a leather jacket, chaps, or gloves to protect them from the elements. High-quality gear is always a welcomed gift.

Z1R Men's Artillery Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The Z1R Men's Artillery Motorcycle Leather Jacket is crafted from premium 1.1-1.2mm full-grain cowhide leather, ensuring durability and style. Designed for comfort, the jacket features chest and back vents for temperature regulation, adjustable zippered side gussets for a custom fit, and action rear shoulder gussets for increased mobility. Reflective piping is incorporated on the front and back to enhance visibility. The jacket also includes interior pockets for armor (armor not included), two concealed carry pouches, and two hand warmer pockets. It has a full-length zip-out insulated liner and a polyester mesh inner liner for versatility.

Men's Distressed Brown Premium Cowhide Vented and Padded Biker Scooter Jacket

The Men's Distressed Brown Premium Cowhide Vented and Padded Biker Scooter Jacket combines style and functionality seamlessly. Its two full-length vents on the front and back ensure optimal airflow for a comfortable ride. Heavy-duty YKK zippers and multiple zip pockets, including chest and side pockets, offer durability and convenience, while the jacket's internal utility and concealed carry pockets provide practical storage. The padded upper arm and kidney pad enhance safety and comfort, and the double-snap Euro collar adds a stylish finishing touch to the overall design.

Top Rated Motorcycle Vests

Cortech Convert Vest

The Cortech Convert Vest combines versatility and style for riders, featuring a durable 12oz 100% cotton double-waxed canvas outer layer and a poly sateen lightly insulated quilted fixed liner for comfort in various weather conditions. With leather, flannel, and knit zip-off sleeve attachments, it adapts to changing temperatures.

The detachable Sherpa collar adds a stylish touch, while zippered hand warmer pockets, front snap chest pockets, and a large zippered rear pass-through pocket offer convenient storage. Internal concealed carry pockets provide added functionality, and the vest is designed with a 3” rear drop tail for extended coverage, featuring genuine YKK® zippers and antique hardware for durability and style.

Top Rated Motorcycle Chaps

Cowhide Vintage Distressed Brown Jean Style Leather Motorcycle Chaps

The Premium Cowhide Vintage Distressed Brown Jean Style Leather Motorcycle Chaps offer riders a perfect blend of style and functionality. These unisex chaps are made from high-quality distressed brown leather and have an adjustable front belt and lace back for a personalized fit. They provide storage options with 2 snap pockets and 2 zipper pockets on the front. Snaps at the bottom ensure easy on/off convenience, while the power stretch panel at the thigh offers a comfortable and non-clinging fit. The chaps also have a removable quilted lining for versatile warmth and YKK metal zippers for durability.

Top Rated Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots

The Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots offer riders a blend of comfort and protection. Constructed with PU-coated leather and a heat-pressed texture for superior grip, the boots feature lightweight microfiber front and rear bellow for durability. The extended PU-coated leather gaiter seals out water, while the TPU shin and calf plates provide crucial support and impact resistance. The bio-mechanical lateral "flexi-blade" system ensures excellent movement and ankle protection. The boots, CE certified to EN 13634:2010 standards, showcase innovation with features like a TPU shift pad, foam padding, wide entry aperture, and an advanced closure system, reflecting Alpinestars' commitment to safety and performance.

Icon Elsinore 2 Boots

The Icon Elsinore 2 Boots are a perfect fusion of style and functionality, featuring premium leather uppers and slip-resistant soles for a sturdy yet comfortable fit. The five-strap chassis allows for an adjustable fit, complemented by a side zipper for easy on and off. These boots provide functional coverage for added protection with a reinforced shin plate and internal D3O ankle inserts. The hi-rebound EVA foam insole provides comfort and support, making it an ideal motorcycle rider choice.

Top Rated Motorcycle Gloves

Highway 21 Radiant Black Heated Leather Motorcycle Gloves

The Highway 21 Radiant Black Heated Leather Motorcycle Gloves offer comfort and functionality ideally. With a lithium-ion battery and controller featuring three heat settings, riders can enjoy warmth in different conditions. The genuine leather construction ensures longevity, while the Hipora liner offers waterproof and windproof properties with breathability. Touchscreen compatibility adds convenience, and the armored knuckles provide extra protection. The pre-curved fingers enhance comfort and reduce rider fatigue, making these gloves an ideal choice. The adjustable gauntlet allows for a personalized fit, catering to the preferences of motorcycle enthusiasts.

Top-Rated Motorcycle Bags

Treat your loved ones to some motorcycle accessories like saddlebags or a sissy bar luggage rack. Extra storage space means more room for essentials on rides.

Saddlemen Highwayman Tattoo Saddlebags

The Saddlemen Highwayman Tattoo Saddlebags are a stylish and practical addition for riders. These saddlebags feature deep-textured 3-D embroidered flames in various colors, complementing Saddlemen's Tattoo Flame seats. The removable yoke allows for over-the-fender mounting or installation using the Saddlemen S4 Quick-Disconnect Saddlebag Docking Post and Fastener Kit. Crafted from durable materials, including genuine leather, marine-grade vinyl, and chrome-plated brass, these saddlebags boast a natural leather dual-strap design. These saddlebags offer security and convenience for motorcycle enthusiasts, equipped with heavy-duty, lockable chrome buckles and hidden, lockable, quick-release buckles.

Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag

The Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag is a versatile and practical choice for riders, offering two mounting systems for easy attachment to the motorcycle's seat, luggage rack, or sissy bar. The adjustable backrest pad enhances comfort for the passenger and driver, and the bag includes detachable backpack straps for off-the-bike convenience. It provides ample storage with multiple external and internal pockets, a large main compartment, and expandable options. The bag also features a rain cover, security rope, and an adjustable top exterior flap. Its rigid internal structure maintains shape and measures 19 in. H x 14 in. W x 12 in. D, it has a 3,400 cubic inches cargo capacity. The included mini-padlock ensures the security of belongings.

If you have a motorcycle lover in your life, here are some gift ideas to rev their engine this holiday season:

Holiday Gift Guide FAQs

Wondering what to get the motorcycle enthusiast in your life this holiday season? We've got you covered with this gift guide FAQ.

  • What's a good starter gift?

You can go right with a helmet, protective gear like a jacket and gloves, or tools like a bike cover, charger, or battery maintainer. Every rider needs these essentials.

  • What if I want to spend a bit more?

Consider a Bluetooth communication system so they can talk to fellow riders, a GPS device to track their location and routes, or a camera to capture scenic rides.

  • Are there any splurge-worthy gifts?

For the avid rider, you might gift high-end leather gear, a premium sound system to hear music at high speeds, or accessories to customize their bike like chrome parts, saddlebags, or a sissy bar.

  • What gifts do motorcycle fans always appreciate?

Riders always love gifts that make the open road experience even better, like comfortable seat pads or backrests, bungee cords or straps to secure gear, cleaning supplies to keep their bike shining, or a subscription to a motorcycle magazine.

Whatever you choose, any motorcycling gift will surely thrill the riding enthusiast in your life. The holidays are a perfect time to show you support their passion and the adventures of the open road!


So there you have it, awesome gifts any motorcycle enthusiast would love to receive this holiday season. Whether shopping for a hardcore Harley rider or a casual Yamaha fan, you can’t go wrong with these gift ideas.

Treat your favorite biker to something special they’ll appreciate for years. And if you’re stumped on what to get the motorcyclist in your life, a gift card is always a welcome option so they can pick out exactly what they want. The holidays are meant to spread cheer, so give the gift of adventure this year and help fuel someone’s passion for the open road. Happy shopping and happy riding! Stay safe out there.